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This Woman’s Dangerous Gym Fail Turned Into A Wholesome Romance

Poppy Bilderbeck


This Woman's Dangerous Gym Fail Turned Into A Wholesome Romance@fitby.ash/TikTok

While getting in a quick workout on holiday, one woman’s dangerous fail at the gym blossomed into a surprising romance.

If you ever needed more of an incentive to get yourself to the gym, then this is it. If you’re single and looking for love, then forget dating apps or awkward blind dates, it seems the gym is the place to meet people.


TikTok user and avid gym goer Ashley, also known as @fitby.ash on the app, was in the gym doing squats accompanied with some weights when she came into difficulties.

@fitby.ashI’m on vacation btw HAHAHAHHA♬ original sound – Ashley

Mid squat, under the pressure of the weights, Ashley was unable to get back up from her position. She ended up falling down under after struggling to control the barbell.


However, as if by magic, her prince charming rode to the rescue, adorned in shorts, vest and all, in the form of another young gym goer named Preston.

The video of the pair’s meeting has amassed more then 7.1 million views, 1.2 million likes and 7,860 comments, with many TikTok users flooding to the comments hoping for the pair to go on a date. One said: ‘I know it’s just him being nice but in my dreams they end up falling in love and getting married.’


Another joked: ‘And that’s how I met your mother.’

A third has clearly kissed one too many frogs: ‘People thinking that they have to date just bc he had humans decency and helped her. Your bars are really on the floor huh?’

Ashley posted the encounter on her TikTok, saying she was ‘so embarrassed’ by the incident. However, the course of true love never did run smooth, and while Ashley may have started with a bump, the pair have continued to meet up ever since.

@preston.pelfreyI’d say it’s been a good day @fitby.ash♬ original sound – Preston Pelfrey

And it seems Ashley and Preston have proven that gym romances are ones that last, with the pair both taking to TIkTok to document their time together since they first locked eyes at the gym.

They have both been posting videos together at restaurants, in bed, and also back at the gym. Let’s hope the saying ‘those who gym together stay together’ holds true, so there’s hope for the rest of us.

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  1. The Independent

    Viral TikTok reveals how a gym mishap turned into a budding romance

Poppy Bilderbeck
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