This Logic Problem Has The Internet Baffled

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It took 3 engineers to work out the answer... (@karingendi/TikTok)@karingendi/TikTok

It has taken a staggering three engineers to work out the answer to this question and it’s safe to say the internet is confused. 

Maths and logic isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but there’s something about a good puzzle or problem that can be hard to resist – even if they feel impossible to crack, as one TikTok video has demonstrated.


The three-minute clip, shared to app, starts off by a woman asking three engineering students, ‘If you can turn this,’ as she gestures to a sheet of paper with ‘100’ and ‘100’ written with a horizontal line below, ‘into two hundred with one line, I’ll give you whatever you want’.

She gives them a time limit, ‘Before the TikTok is over,’ for the students to complete the test, before they examine the paper and begin to attempt to work out the answer for it.

It took 3 engineers to work out the answer (@karingendi/TikTok)(@karingendi/TikTok)

After some time studying the paper and trying to figure it out, the woman filming reminds the students ‘You have maybe one minute left’.


They begin to examine the long horizontal line, querying if it ‘was included’ in the question or not. ‘Why else would she draw it though?’ one of the engineering students asked.

The trio persisted with the task, ‘Why don’t we look at it from a different perspective?’ another chimed in.

‘I can show you if you give up now,’ the TikToker tells them, ‘You have, like, maybe ten seconds, thirty seconds’.

Watch the video below:



With the clock running out of time and less than five seconds to go until the TikTok ended, one of the engineer students finally cracked it.

He takes the pen and draws a horizontal line across the first ‘100’ to make the sheet of paper read out ‘Too 100’.

Just before the video shuts off, you can hear the group gasping out of amazement.

It took 3 engineers to work out the answer... (@karingendi/TikTok)@karingendi/TikTok

The TikTok, posted by user @karingendi, now has a massive seventeen million views, over a million likes and nearly ten thousand comments.

‘He got it. You could see the lightbulb go off,’ commented one TikTok user.

Another wrote, ‘I would have never figured this out’.


‘Lol, not him coming through at the last second,’ wrote a third.

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  1. @karingendi/TikTok


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