The Office Character’s Responses To COVID Vaccines Suggested In Hilarious Twitter Thread


The Office Character's Responses To COVID Vaccines Suggested In Hilarious Twitter ThreadNBC

An fan of The Office (US) has taken to Twitter to start a thread that imagines how The Office characters would respond to getting the COVID vaccine.

If you needed anything to get you through the last of the pandemic, then this is it. Tumi Ntlokwana created the Twitter thread on August 20, enlisting the help of his followers to imagine ‘an episode of The Office where they all have to get vaccinated’.


Thousands of Twitter users have taken to the comments to suggest their own takes on what the characters would say upon being called up to get their jab.

Tumi’s (@Tumi213) post has amassed more than 67,200 likes, 1,100 comments and 20,500 retweets, with users flocking to the comments to give their take. One person, for character Michael Scott, said, ‘I signed everyone up to get the vaccine because I want everyone to be safe… … … well almost everyone. I didn’t get Toby an appointment because… … quite frankly… …. He sucks.’

Another commented, for the character of Angela Martin:


It’s injustice! I tried to take Ember, Milky Way, Diane, Lumpy and all my other cats to get their shots and they said it’s not for animals. Can you believe that?!

Interviewer: “What about your son?”

What about my son?

For character Dwight Schrute, a third wrote, ‘I sacrificed myself for the greater good of the office. I got covid first so I could create the vaccine with my own anti-bodies. I plan on giving everyone their first dose first thing tomorrow morning.’

The thread continues, with followers coming up with ideas for pretty much every character in the show.


Tumi started the post to highlight his podcast, The 213 ShowHe invited fans to ‘jump on’ with him, where every week he talks ‘all things music and lifestyle’.

‘Every week we’ll balance putting your music out while talking all things life in between’, he said. And if there were ever more important things to talk about in life than The Office characters’ reactions to the pandemic, I don’t want to know.

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@Tumi213/ Twitter
  1. @Tumi213/ Twitter

    Imagine an episode of The Office where they all have to get vaccinated

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