Students Have ‘Sh*t List’ Where Every Guy They’ve Ever Dated Gets Strikes For Bad Behaviour

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Students Have 'Sh*t List' Where Every Guy They've Ever Dated Gets Strikes For Bad Behaviourjenna.brue/TikTok

A group of students have revealed a humorous yet extremely organised ‘sh*t list’ where every ‘potential love interest’ gets strikes for bad behaviour.

Taking to TikTok, student Jenna Brue – who studies at Grand Canyon University – revealed how the teacher-ish system works, with the guys on the list also getting stars if they do something good. Should they earn five stars, one strike is removed from their tally as a reward.


Pointing to the crosses which have been highlighted, Jenna explained that these signalled times when the guys had ‘really done something bad’, and that these could never be removed, even if a person was able to bag themselves a whole wall full of stars.

Check it out below:


After three strikes, Jenna revealed, ‘a person is out of our lives, but the strike list goes on!’ before pointing to a lengthy list belonging to a naughty individual by the name of ‘Nate W’.

Jenna – who unsurprisingly majors in education – said:

As this person has a lot of strikes, you’d have to get five, ten, fifteen, twenty stars to get back to one strike. As I’ve said, these strike with a highlighted pen can never be removed. Good luck boys!

The vid has been watched over six million times, with many people keen to know exactly what Nate W had been up to. Others were impressed with Joseph, who had managed to rack up two shining stars without receiving any strikes whatsoever.


One person commented, ‘let’s be real, most girls keep this info in their heads anyway’, while another pleaded, ‘give us story-time on those highlighted strikes’. Although the various reasons for the strikes weren’t given, Jenna revealed in the comment section that these were written on the back.

@jenna.brueupdate y’all have been waiting for. May the games begin… ##teamandy ##fyp ##strikewall ##getthosestars ##men ##az ##cali ##goodluck @ano.rourke♬ original sound – Jenna Brue

In a follow-up vid, there was an update from ‘Team Andy’, where he made his case against the favoured ‘Team Joseph’.


Andy said:

Team Joseph, you know he definitely has the advantage. He goes to school in Arizona, I do not. I mean, good for him. But I think we know where Team Joseph’s priorities lie.

Clearly, he does not think Ashley is that great. Me, personally, I think Ashley is honestly God’s gift to humanity. She’s a lot of fun and cool person, genuinely a good hear.

Joseph, he’d rather leave. He doesn’t want to be here, but that’s fine!

I feel like we’re going to need further updates as the various teams make their cases…

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Jenna Brue/TikTok
  1. Jenna Brue/TikTok

    Ladies take notes

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