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Skateboarder Compared To Human Wile E Coyote In Classic Fail Video

Emily Brown


Skateboarder Compared To Human Wile E Coyote In Classic Fail Videou/stygge/Reddit

Every now and then, the world presents us with a situation that feels like it shouldn’t be possible, and yet somehow it is. 

It could be an epic event that onlookers can only describe as a miracle, a coincidence so unlikely that it’s near-impossible to comprehend, or, in this case, what happens when a skateboarder crashes into a water pipe.


In a video shared on Reddit, the camera panned across what appeared to be a pedestrian-friendly street that had been obstructed with a pipe stretching from one side to the other to pump out water. The pipe was quite big, indicating it would be hard to overlook, but still the skateboarder failed to stop as he rolled towards it.

As a picture is worth a thousand words, take a look at what happened for yourselves below:

Throughout the video, a person can be seen stepping over the pipe while a cyclist makes their way over the obstruction with no issues. It seems to only be the skateboarder who falls victim, potentially because he was travelling at such a fast speed.


In the blink of an eye, the skater can be seen approaching the pipe before disappearing quickly out of frame. At first glance it appears as if he just carried on skating, but the entire scene becomes a lot more baffling when you take into account the fact that the skateboard actually stopped at the pipe – it was only its rider who kept going.

Evidently, the poor guy was travelling at such speed that his body simply couldn’t stop when it lost the wheels transporting it. He flew off the screen before finally crashing to the ground a good couple of metres away from where his board had first come to a halt, causing the pedestrian to turn around in shock.

Skateboarder approaches pipe (u/stygge/Reddit)u/stygge/Reddit

The entire series of events is all too reminiscent of a cartoon, prompting thoughts of Wile E Coyote after he’s bested by the Road Runner.


After making its way to Reddit, the video was shared on the thread ‘r/watchthingsfly’, which is home to ‘Any video that involves things flying that shouldn’t be’.

The video is most certainly right at home on the thread, where it gained comments from amused users expressing their disbelief.

Skater hits pipe (u/stygge/Reddit)u/stygge/Reddit

One person wrote:


That was straight up Wile E. Coyote running off a cliff until he notices there’s no ground under him.

Another baffled user commented:

He flew. Horizontally. In perfect standing form.

We may never know what the skateboarder made of his TV-worthy stunt, but hopefully he was able to bounce back as quickly as Wile E Coyote and get back on the board without injury.


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  1. u/stygge/Reddit


Emily Brown
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