Resurfaced Image Reveals Charlie Chaplin Was The Original Distracted Boyfriend

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Resurfaced Image Reveals Charlie Chaplin Was The Original Distracted BoyfriendAntonio Guillem/PA Images

Reddit users have gone crazy after noticing the Charlie Chaplin film Pay Day has a scene that closely resembles the infamous distracted boyfriend meme.

The cinematic legend achieved a great deal in the world of silent cinema, but Reddit users are now wondering whether being a precursor to internet humour could also be added to his list of accolades.

The meme became widely used in 2017, as people shared the stock image to express the feeling of wanting something. But it seems the comparison to the 1922 Chaplin flick has drawn in even more attention – with people creating their own memes about the coincidence.

People initially noticed the similarity a year after the meme began circulating, but some Reddit users missed the news and are only just seeing the images.

Responses to the strange coincidence have included praise for Chaplin’s creativity. One person wrote, ‘I LOVE charlie chapin. Hes hilarious, and deep,’ while another added, ‘I mean.. its Chaplin. Chaplin did a LOT of things first.’ Meanwhile, someone else joked, ‘He also did that mustache first, but it didn’t age well.’

When the striking comparison was first made back in 2018, people discussed how some things never change. One person tweeted, ‘Guess this is the story with every men out there. And the ones who don’t look probably given sainthood,’ while another quoted Mark Twain, ‘History doesn’t repeat itself but it often rhymes.’

Despite the similarities, it seems that the Chaplin image has been mirrored to look like the meme. Although, there’s no doubt it has still left many wanting to know whether the stock image was inspired by a piece of cinematic history.

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