People Think This Homeless Man Is Building A Time Machine



A homeless man may be building a time machine, according to viral TikTok videos.

Whether it’s Groundhog Day, Avengers: Endgame or Tenet, fiction has long played with the mechanics of time. Everyone has thought about it at some point or another: where would you go; would you go back or forward in time; would you cheat the lottery; who would you meet?


There are countless different theories about the feasibility of time travel. Perhaps it’ll become a reality one day, but for now it’s in the realm of sci-fi and homeless men’s scribblings, apparently.

TikTok user @comeatmebhai has amassed nearly 25 million viewers across a series of videos concerning a homeless man and his marker-pen schematics, seemingly showing the designs and equations for a time machine.


‘What if he’s stuck in time and he’s tryna go back in time,’ one viewer speculated. ‘Plot twist: he is from the future but broke his time machine. So he is trying to fix it,’ another wrote. ‘This man is from the future trying to find his way back,’ a third commented.

In the second video, the person filming appears to find receipts from 2046: one for Sec Juicer with an ID reference for Neuralink, Elon Musk’s ‘brain chip’ start-up; and another from a fabric store of some sort.


‘We still use paper receipts in 2046?’ one user wrote, while others have vowed to invest lots of money in Neuralink. ‘So we not gonna talk about the Neuralink ID on the receipt,’ one wrote.

Looking closer at the actual equations seen in the clips, some viewers aren’t convinced they’re legitimate (or even coherent). ‘I’m an engineer and even the simple equations he wrote down don’t make sense and are wrong,’ one wrote. ‘Literally doesn’t mean anything. Not even any numbers it’s just random shapes,’ another commented.


‘This is gibberish, sorry guys. It’s really cool as art though, which it’s obviously convincing to an untrained eye,’ another wrote. ‘Just realised I don’t see a single actual math equation meaning that this is staged obviously,’ a fourth user observed.

However, others have suggested it looks like ‘gibberish’ because we’ve not learned it yet. ‘What if the calculations are twisted and correct, and we just haven’t discovered it yet. Prolly in the future we do,’ one suggested.


‘Guess it’s supposed to happen because the TVA hasn’t showed up to reset the timeline,’ another joked, referencing the time authority seen in Loki.

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