Old One Night Cough Syrup Ingredients Are Baffling The Internet

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Old One Night Cough Syrup Ingredients Are Baffling The InternetAlamy

We’ve all heard of traditional old school herbal medicines that our parents and grandparents swear on to treat all sorts of issues and illnesses, but there’s one old-age remedy that might be best left in the past.

A Reddit user recently posted a picture of an old brand of cough syrup sold in the 1800s, and its ingredients did not mess around.


Rather than promising to do anything to help soothe a cough like Dayquil or Lemsip, going by the list of ingredients on the One Night Cough Syrup label, it seems like the aim was to just get whoever had the cough so high that they either forgot they needed to cough or just went straight to sleep.

One Night Cough Syrup ingredients (u/NouEngland/Reddit)u/NouEngland/Reddit

To be fair, unlike modern medicines which are full of chemicals you can’t pronounce, the contents of One Night Cough Syrup were fairly straightforward. It starts off with ‘Alcohol (less than 1%)’ and ‘Cannabis indica’ – not ingredients you’d necessarily expect to find in cough syrup – and it only gets more hardcore from there.

Next up on the list is ‘Chloroform,’ which at the time was commonly used to sedate people ahead of surgeries, and ‘morphia sulphate’ – a cousin of morphine. It’s hard to imagine any of these ingredients would be approved for an over-the-counter treatment today, but clearly the 19th century was a very different time.

19th century medicine replicas (Alamy)Alamy

Unsurprisingly, the discovery of One Night Cough Syrup has blown Reddit users’ minds, with one person commenting ‘If this is what they tell you is in it, then what the hell is ‘other ingredients?”

‘Can’t have a cough if you’re unconscious’ another person joked.

Other users pointed out that with drugs like heroin and cocaine frequently used by doctors, this cough syrup isn’t even the strongest medicine that was available at the time.


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