Not All New York Apartments Come With A Kitchen In The Bedroom

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Not All New York Apartments Come With A Kitchen In The Bedroom@rentnewyork/TikTok

I’m often way too lazy to walk from my bedroom to the kitchen to get a snack or some water, and it would appear that an architect has now answered my prayers, by designing a flat with part of the kitchen actually inside one of the bedrooms. 

After a series of dizzying apartment layouts were previously exposed by a TikToker, the same account has since taken to the platform again to show followers a look inside a bizarrely designed flat in the big apple.


The New York real estate agent commented how their head was ‘hurting yet again’ from having to try to flog the property, which had been designed by an architect who must have either been extremely hungover when producing the designs or just a practical joker.

Bronx, New York - elevated subway tracks in the Bronx, New York CityAlamy

Not only is part of the flat’s kitchen inside one of the two bedrooms, but @RentNewYork exposes how the bathroom is located in a far from convenient place as well.

The agent, @rent_ny on Instagram, states: ‘Tell me you don’t know how to make a layout, without telling me you don’t know how to make a layout’.


The flat is located in the Bronx, consists of two bedrooms, one bathroom, a living room, a rather strangely split kitchen and also an odd lack of doors.


The post has since amassed over 2.5 million views, 258,300 likes and 3469 comments, with other users having flooded to the TikTok in confusion over the design. One wrote: ‘I would argue that it has no bedrooms.’

Another said: 


I’d call this one: ‘Trying to build an apartment in Sims 4 for the first time.’

A third commented: ‘Oh, you got the bathroom? Well then I get the refrigerator.’

Bathrooms, who needs them? Easy access to a toilet? Overrated. Especially when you want a snack and can reach the fridge door from your duvet cocoon. Count me in.

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@RentNewYork/ TikTok
  1. @RentNewYork/ TikTok


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