Neuroscientist Explains Why We’re Actually Living Inside A Simulation


Neuroscientist Explains Why We're Actually Living Inside A Simulationjacostak/TikTok

It turns out none of us have actually experienced real life – it’s just a simulation that our brain makes up, a neuroscientist has explained.

Essentially, our brain gets all of its information from our sensory organs. The catch is that there is a lot of information in our external environment that our sensory organs either can’t perceive.


All of this has been laid out by TikTok user jacostak, who explains why we’re actually living inside a simulation. But viewers should be warned that it can send him into an existential crisis when he thinks about it too long.

‘All of our sensory systems have evolved to pick up relevant information in our external environment. For instance, our eyes are sensory organs that have evolved to pick up light from the electromagnetic spectrum,’ he begins, adding that our eyes then relay that information back to the brain, which makes sense of what we have just seen.


But, what many people don’t realise is that we can only perceive a tiny snippet of electromagnetic waves.

Our ears do the same thing; we can only pick up on soundwaves between 20Hz and 20KHz, which is why we can’t hear most animals.

‘Believe it or not, they talk and sing. Even crazier, so do plants,’ he says, adding that some plants even appear to ‘scream’ when they are cut.

A similar concept occurs with our sense of smell. In one video, he talks about an odorant called isopentylamine, which is used to flavour processed foods.


Odorants elicit a response in sensory neurons inside of the nose, but in the case of isopentylamine, it can also incite fear.

The TikToker says he once accidentally sniffed a sample of the odorant at work and ended up inhaling so much he had a panic attack.


‘Our brain can’t tell us anything our sensory organs cant perceive, but not only are our sensory organs limited in functionality, but they also make mistakes,’ he says.

For example, our vision is unable to see most light and we are unable to hear most sounds.


He adds, ‘Your brain is just making sh*t up as it goes. It’s taking all the information it gets from all these various inputs and the output is a coherent conscious thought of what it thinks is happening in its external environment, but you’ve never actually experienced real-life.’

‘You’ve only ever experienced it through this very narrow lens,’ he says.

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