Mum Causes Outrage After Posting Clip Of Baby Getting Ears Pierced

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Mum Causes Outrage After Posting Clip Of Baby Getting Ear Pierced@marisacarpineta/TikTok

The mother of a six-month-old baby has been met with mixed opinion after sharing a video of the young girl getting her ears pierced.

Hairstylist Marisa Carpineta regularly shares clips of her ‘lil family’ on TikTok, and this week she used the platform to advise her followers to ‘stop using piercing guns on your baby’.

The mother suggested instead that if parents want to pierce their children’s ears they should ‘get them pierced at a tattoo/piercing shop’, with footage showing how she did exactly that when she decided to get earrings for her own daughter.

Baby getting ears pierced (@marisacarpineta/TikTok)@marisacarpineta/TikTok

The clip was captioned ‘6 months calls for ear peircings [sic]’, and showed Carpineta holding her daughter on a chair while a member of staff used a needle to manually create a hole in her ear lobes.

The young girl looked distressed as she was held down onto the chair, with the video showing her crying and kicking her legs, though once the ordeal was over the mother shared another clip of her daughter looking more content, writing: ‘happy baby’.

Carpineta’s clip has sparked mixed reactions on TikTok, with some users agreeing that it’s fine to pierce a baby’s ears while others have argued that the child should be able to make up their own mind when they are old enough to do so.

Baby getting ears pierced (@marisacarpineta/TikTok)@marisacarpineta/TikTok

One outraged viewer commented: ‘This should be illegal. It should be the baby’s choice when they can make one. Putting them through that pain with wanting earrings is awful.’

Another wrote: ‘This makes my skin crawl. Or don’t inflict unnecessary pain on a baby!?’

Sticking up for the mother, another TikTok user commented: ‘I’m so glad I got mine as a baby… you don’t remember it so why are y’all so pressed about it.’

Baby looking content after ear piercing (@marisacarpineta/TikTok)@marisacarpineta/TikTok

Carpineta appeared to defend her decision in a follow-up video posted the following day, which read, ‘she literally has no idea what happened lol’. The clip showed the mother saying ‘good morning’ to her daughter as she wiggled in her bed, the child grinning as the mum cooed over her newly pierced ears.

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  1. @marisacarpineta/TikTok

    6 months calls for ear peircings

Emily Brown
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