Maths Professor Tricks Students Into Thinking Exam Answers Were Leaked


Maths Professor Tricks Students Into Thinking Exam Answers Were LeakedPowerModerator/Reddit/RCA

We’ve all been there: arriving at school only to be told about a test that had totally slipped our mind.

So what would you do if you, by some strange error, managed to stumble upon all the answers before taking it? Would you have a cheeky peek, or would your sense of educational ethics take over?


Well, for one student who was scrolling through her course materials listed online, she came across something of note right at the bottom of the academic list.

In the video she takes, she says, ‘looking through all the course materials, I noticed at the bottom it says ‘exam answers not for students’ and I’m wondering is this a mistake? So I click on it…’

Watch the funny reveal below, as the student gets a surprise:



‘My stats professor really did this to us’, the video was captioned.

Yes, that’s right, she’s been well and truly Rickrolled by her teacher.

For anyone unfamiliar with the concept of Rick-rolling, it’s where people are pranked with the use of singer Rick Astley’s 1987 music video for Never Gonna Give You Up. The teacher uses the bait-and-switch technique to great effect, even if students today have no living memory of who the ginger pop prince was.

Our guess is the professor had a bit of fun putting it together – we wonder if he can track how many of his eagle-eyed pupils decided to open it up?


It just goes to show that nothing ever comes for free – especially the answers to an exam.

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