Man Growls While Excruciatingly Peeling Off Girlfriend’s Mum’s Paint Prank

Daniel Richardson


Man Growls While Excruciatingly Peeling Off Girlfriend's Mum's Paint Prank@chloe..chlo..chlo/TikTok

A prank involving paint had some painful results for one TikToker’s partner as they were forced to peel it off. 

As far as unconventional endeavours go, your significant other getting you to dress up as a knight and their mother painting you silver is pretty odd. Interestingly, this unusual cosplay hasn’t captured the attention of TikTok; instead, the removal of the paint has.

The original video was posted by a TikToker called Chloe (@chloe..chlo..chlo), showed her and her partner posing like a painting. When it was released, Chloe warned, ‘It was so funny when he had to rip off the paint.’

You can see the original video below:


Shortly after this video, Chloe revealed the pain her partner endured when removing the paint. Her mother seemingly pranked him by lying about the type of paint she used , which led to the painful incident. The follow-up TikTok sees the paint clinging to his skin as it is pulled off.

In fact, the process is so painful that there are plenty of screams. Fortunately, it seems that the victim of the paint prank has taken it in good humour, despite the paint removing all his hair.

The TikTok community have also found the follow-up video funny:


Many noted the similarities between the man’s cries and James Brown’s classic song I Feel Good. The comments stated, ‘Someone remix this with “i feel good” with James Brown.’ Another added, ‘Owwwwww!!! I feel good [cry laughing emoji] that’s all that I heard when he made that noise.’ Safe to say, he probably wasn’t feeling good at the time.

Others discussed how the cosplayer now looked like Venom from Spider-Man 3. With that in mind, there may have been a missed cosplaying opportunity here.

The follow-up video has amassed more than 10 million views since it was released at the end of May. What’s more impressive is that it has done this after the original video had initially being deleted. Clearly, plenty of people want to see a man painfully have all his body hair peeled off.

Hopefully, the paint is gone now and the victim of the prank has come around to having their torso waxed.

Featured Image Credit: @chloe..chlo..chlo/TikTok

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