Man Creates His Own ‘Hinge Wrapped’ To Look Back On A Year Of Dating

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A Hinge user has reflected on their 2021 performance by creating their very own dating version of ‘Spotify Wrapped’. 

For someone who is newly single and has just entered the world of dating apps, I don’t even want to know what my ‘Hinge Wrapped‘ would look like.


So while I won’t be following Twitter user KPS’s instructions on how to make one myself, I will instead take even more enjoyment in looking at his hilarious reflections on his year of dating, and top up my wine as I sob into it in depressed solidarity.

Using Python, BigQuery and Data Studio, KPS (@KP_Sawhney) took to Twitter to note how his friend had requested his ‘Hinge Wrapped’ opposed to his Spotify, but with a ‘health warning’ that the results ‘are DEEPLY depressing’.

He stated his ‘method’ as: 

  1. Download @hinge data

  2. Clean JSON files using a python script on Colab

  3. Upload files to a new BigQuery project

  4. Transform tables with some SQL

  5. Visualize using Data Studio

  6. Sob at the futility of online dating.

And the results indeed were almost too much to handle.

From chat ‘weaker than a thimble of Ribena in a 2L bottle of Evian’ to revealing that most of his messages were sent at night, KPS resolved that ‘2021 was a year of consistency with plenty of abysmal chat distributed throughout’ and resulted in ‘a grand total of FIVE irl dates’.


From the brief – and classically awkward – most-used chat-up lines, to the humorously-honest charts, to when ‘Hinge activity [was] flexed [on the] Group Chat’, KPS summed up painfully accurately just what it feels like to be single in 2021.

Utterly tragic.


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@KP_Sawhney/ Twitter
  1. @KP_Sawhney/ Twitter

    OK so everyone’s posted their @Spotify Wrapped - but to spice it up a bit, I’ve built my own @hinge Wrapped, using Python, BigQuery and Data Studio…

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