‘Karen’ Who Attacked Black Family For Using Community Pool Is Charged With Assault


'Karen' Who Attacked Black Family For Using Community Pool Is Charged With Assault@hj_everyday/TikTok

A white woman has been charged with assaulting a child after she apparently attempted to control the access a Black family had to a community pool. 

Footage of mum Heather J Brown caught in an altercation with the unidentified woman has been viewed almost five million times since it was re-posted on TikTok earlier this week, having initially being taken down due to a reported violation of community guidelines.


It’s unclear exactly what sparked the argument between the pair, but it seems the woman is attempting in some way to limit Brown’s son’s access to the pool, as the mother could be heard pointing out that her son was ‘here yesterday’ and that she and the woman have met before.

See the video below. Warning: contains language some viewers may find offensive:

@hj_everydayHere is the original video!! It was deleted for violations of community guidelines!!! ##repost♬ original sound – Heather J Brown


The footage, filmed on July 6, shows the woman appearing to grab the young boy as he moves around the gate, prompting Brown to yell: ‘Don’t you put your hands on my son’.

She added: ‘I will call the police and I will have you arrested for putting your hands on a minor’.

TikTok users rallied around Brown following the release of the video, with many dubbing the woman at the pool a ‘Karen’ and praising the mother for the way she handled the situation.

In an update posted to her account this week, Brown explained that the video had been taken without her knowledge by another woman at the pool and had initially been removed from TikTok for ‘community guidelines violation of minor safety or some bullsh*t like that’.


Away from the virtual world, however, Brown said the woman at the pool had ultimately been charged misdemeanour assault on a child under 12.

The mother recalled how the woman reportedly attempted to tell police that Brown had attacked her and that the officer was ‘starting to believe her at first based on just the way [they] look’, but she found support in the woman who filmed the video.


The person behind the camera told Brown there had allegedly been issues in the Home Owner’s Association pool committee with people singling out children ‘who aren’t white’, with the woman in the clip having reportedly let two white children in ahead of Brown’s kids, who were told they had to wait outside.

Woman charged for attacking minor (@hj_everyday/TikTok)@hj_everyday/TikTok

The mother claimed that since sharing the video, the woman had retaliated by ‘spreading lies’ about her and her children, though she argued that even if her children were ‘the devils themselves’, that wouldn’t give the woman the right to put her hands on them.

Brown and the woman first went to court on July 30, but after the woman requested a public defender the court date was pushed back to August 20, at which time Brown expressed her hopes that the woman would be prosecuted and would ‘learn a lesson’.


If you have been affected by any of the issues in this article and wish to speak to someone in confidence, contact Stop Hate UK by visiting their website

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  1. @hj_everyday/TikTok

    Here is the original video!! It was deleted for violations of community guidelines!!!

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