Instagram Influencers Called Out For Incredibly Dangerous Kiss On Moving Train

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instagram influencers called out for dangerous kiss picture@backpackdiariez/Instagram

As social media continues its steady rise and encroachment on our lives, more and more ‘influencers’ are adopting more and more risky ways to capture our attention and stick out from the crowd.

However, these so-called influencers can sometimes go too far in their quest for the perfect shot, and face backlash from followers calling them out for their questionable behaviour.


Belgian couple Camille and Jean are the latest to receive criticism from followers after they posted a photo of themselves leaning out a train door, while the train was travelling over a bridge, as the couple shared a kiss.


The couple, known as ‘backpackdiariez’ on social media, say they are ‘on an infinite honeymoon’, and share impossibly good looking photos from around the world to their 178,000 followers.

You’ve got to spare a thought for their photographer though, the constant third wheel…

Instagram Influencers Called Out For Incredibly Dangerous Kiss On Moving Train@backpackdiariez/Instagram

Their latest shot has provoked mixed reactions however, as the reckless pose they’re pulling could’ve had disastrous consequences.

They captioned the photo:


We couldn’t think of a better picture to describe our couple:

1. Blind trust in each other, no matter what
2. Madly in love
3. Always having the need to do something different with our lives
4. Living on the edge (sometimes a bit too much)
5. Usually on the run
6. Having fun whenever we can
7. Organized chaos


Check it out:

Instagram Influencers Called Out For Incredibly Dangerous Kiss On Moving Train@backpackdiariez/Instagram

While many followers praised the aesthetically pleasing photo, others were more concerned about safety, and the danger of others trying to copy the risky shot.

As one person wrote: ‘Honestly it’s a beautiful picture but isn’t this very dangerous? What if someone tries to copy it?’


While another said: ‘Hope you don’t fall down next time you do this stupid stunt’.


Earlier this year, another Instagram couple came under fire for a similarly dangerous photo.

Kelly and Kody, also known as ‘positravelty’, are another pair of adventurers who share their picturesque shots on social media.


One photo from the couple received some criticism from their followers though, as it shows the pair kissing while Kelly hangs over the side of an infinity pool, with nothing but a hefty drop beneath her.

Check it out:

instagram couple kelly and kody life-threatening photo hanging off side of infinity poolpositravelty/Instagram

The couple have insisted they were ‘super slow and cautious’, saying they are ‘full of trust for each other’.

However, with no precautions, some Instagram users were more wary of the couple’s safety than the scenic photography.

instagram commentpositravelty/Instagram

One person wrote: ‘WTF? Risk life for a photo…’

Someone else commented: ‘Is it normal I’m getting anxiety attacks from looking at this?’

It seems the life of an Instagram influencer isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

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CAMILLE & JEAN/Instagram
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