Inspiring Man Reveals What It Is Like To Live With Tourette’s

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Inspiring Man Reveals What It Is Like To Live With Tourette's@jackjosephfrancis/Instagram/TikTok

A man has taken to his social media accounts in a series of inspiring posts to share what it is like to live with Tourette’s syndrome. 

Jack Francis uses his social media platforms via Instagram, Twitter and TikTok to spread awareness of Tourette’s syndrome ‘in [his] own way!’


Francis jokes that his views on his accounts are his own – ‘providing it wasn’t [his] Tourettes!’

On his TikTok account, Francis uses his account to post inspiring videos to give followers and those who don’t know as much about the condition an insight into how it feels to live with Tourette’s.

According to the NHS, Tourette’s syndrome is a condition that ’causes a person to make involuntary sounds and movements called tics’.


The condition normally begins in childhood and can improve, sometimes even going away completely. However, there is currently no cure for the syndrome.

In his most recent video, Francis (@jackjosephfrancis) posts a video of himself onboard a train.

The video goes on to show followers an instance of Francis experiencing a series of tics. He explains after that it is ‘getting really hot on here’ because he is ‘panicking’ due to his Tourette’s. After experiencing a second series of tics, Francis jokes, ‘I don’t know where the hell that one came from.’


The post has amassed more than 265,700 views, 45,800 likes and 914 comments, with other users having flocked to the comments to show their support for Francis. One said, ‘Love this man. Love watching your journey.’

Another commented: 

Love you. My 21 year old daughter has Tourette’s and so many people don’t get it. The worst thing is some people think it’s cool to ask her to “Do something funny”.

It’s so upsetting for her, she is beautiful inside and out. And so are you.


A third wrote, ‘Thanks for bringing awareness. You are a cool person. I imagine that you must get exhausted sometimes. Much love.’

Other videos posted to Francis’s TikTok range from him explaining what it’s like to have the condition while on a plane, to talking about what his tics feel like and how he brushes his teeth.


Francis recently shared a government petition via his Instagram to increase funding to provide support and research into Tourette’s syndrome. It received 71,035 signatures.

While the petition has since closed, the National Institute for Health Research ‘welcomes funding applications for research into any aspect of human health, including Tourette’s syndrome’. However it states that ‘it is not usual practice to ring-fence funds for particular topics or conditions’.

Meanwhile, Francis has gained more than 4.1 million followers on his TikTok, 53,800 on his Instagram, more than 3,000 on his Twitter and 424,000 subscribers on his YouTube, as he continues to use the platforms to spread awareness about his condition and educate those around him in a truly inspirational, honest and open manner.

If you’ve been affected by any of these issues, then you can contact the Tourette’s Action Helpdesk by livechat, their contact form, or email.

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jackjosephfrancis/ TikTok
  1. jackjosephfrancis/ TikTok

    Tourette’s On A Train

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