Hooters Waitress Devastated After Customer Leaves Offensive Message On Receipt

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Hooters Waitress Devastated After Customer Leaves Offensive Message On Receipt@keylamxo/TikTok

A Hooters waitress says a family of customers was so rude to her that she was left crying.

Working in the service industry can be a thankless task at the best of times. At the worst of times, it can leave you miserable and prove Jean-Paul Sartre’s point that ‘hell is other people’.


For one waitress working at Hooters, a family was so rude to her that she was left in tears after they left nasty messages on their receipt.

Explaining the situation, TikTok user @keylamxo told the story that she described as ‘one of the many times a customer made me cry’, explaining a girl she’d gone to high school with came into the restaurant chain with her family.

@keylamxoReply to @ashley.reyanne she asked her daughter alyssa to lend her $$ 😩😂 in front of me ##hootersgirl ##customerservice ##fyp ##brokebitch♬ original sound – keylamxo


The family managed to rack up a staggeringly large bill of $624 in food and drink, but things began to get nasty when they started taking their frustrations out on the waitress for ‘not checking how much they were spending’.

After taking their frustrations out on her, the family then decided to make an undignified exit and wreck their table, spraying it with ketchup and tipping over drinks to leave an ungodly mess for her to clean up, all without leaving a single cent’s worth of a tip.

As the cherry on the cake of bad manners, they then wrote ‘f*ck you’ on their receipt and drew a middle finger just to sign off the experience on a particularly low note.


According to the Daily Mirror, the TikTok post sparked a debate over whether tipping should be mandatory.

In some countries, tipping is all but a social requirement, especially where tips make the difference for low wages of staff, whereas in others it is considered rude or unnecessary when living wages are granted.

Whether or not the customer has a responsibility to tip their waiters and waitresses, one thing we can all agree on is that rude behaviour and abusing a waitress because of a large bill is not acceptable.

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    Hooters waitress left in tears by customer's rude message on receipt

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