Homeless Man Who Made News After Getting Haircut Recognised By Family Who Thought He Was Dead


Homeless Man Who Went Viral After Getting Haircut Recognised By Family Who Thought He Was DeadG1

A homeless man from Brazil has been reunited with his family after a photo of his recent haircut went viral.

João Coelho Guimarães, from Brazil, had been estranged from his family for more than a decade. This week, he was reunited with his mother and sister after they recognised him from a social media post that was shared around the world.


Guimarães, who was actually reported dead by his family after he went missing, has spent the last decade on the streets, collecting cans to survive.

Recently, a businessman named Alessandro Lobo who owns a men’s fashion store and barber service, asked the homeless man if he was hungry or wanted something to eat.


Lobo told reporters that Guimarães refused his offering of food, but asked if his barber service had a razor to trim his beard.


‘That was when we decided to help him in a different way, providing a day of beauty for him,’ Lobo told Universo Online.

Aside from grooming his beard, hair and moustache, the business also gifted him three shirts, a pair of trousers, a jacket and some new shoes.

Lobo decided to photograph the change in Guimarães’ appearance and post it to social media in a bid to inspire other entrepreneurs to help those in need.

The post, showing two photos of him before and after the hair, went viral on social media, where it was seen by his family.


Lobo described Guimarães as a ‘very shy person’ of ‘few words’ but said he instantly noticed th elook of satisfaction on his face and was very grateful for his new appearance.

The pictures show a stark contrast in Guimarães’ appearance, with the majority of his face barely visible in the first picture due to his overgrown beard and hair.

After being recognised by his family, his mother and sister travelled to meet him yesterday, December 17.


Lobo said Guimarães’ family had previously assumed he was dead because they hadn’t heard from him for more than a decade.


‘They saw the photo and contacted me and, since he doesn’t have a phone or a fixed address, tomorrow we will go through the neighborhood to try to find him,’ the businessman said.

‘It is Christmas time and the intention was to show that with little we can change someone’s life. That we have to do good without looking at who. We did not imagine that it would have this repercussion,’ he added.


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    Dado como morto, morador de rua viraliza com visual e família o reconhece

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