Healthcare TikToker Shares How An Anti-Vaxxer Cut His Own Testicle Off To Remove ‘A Tracker’

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Healthcare TikToker Shares How An Anti-Vaxxer Cut His Own Testicle Off@j8kfrmst8frm/TikTok

A healthcare worker has revealed the extremes anti-vaxxers will go to if they believe that a microchip has been implanted into their body.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, misinformation has been a serious issue, whether it’s convincing people to not take safety precautions against a virus that has killed millions or more overtly odd behaviour.


A nurse on TikTok (@futurenurseut) shared the lengths some will go to when they have a conspiracy theory on their mind. The result has shocked people and led to concerns about the patient’s wellbeing.

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The nurse explained that the patient believed that when he got a COVID-19 vaccine, he was implanted with a tracker that travelled down to his testicle. As a result, the man decided to cut off his testicle and investigate while he was at home by himself. When he began bleeding ‘profusely’ he realised he should call an ambulance, and it turned out that he had hit an artery while performing the operation.

Safe to say, there were no foreign elements in his testicle, but an incredible story that has amazed people. However, the reasoning behind the incident was even more bizarre. In a separate TikTok, the nurse revealed that the man claimed that he was kidnapped by a gang who forced him to get the vaccine. It is unclear whether there is evidence to support this story.


Fortunately, the man and his remaining testicle was sewn up, and he was taken to the hospital’s psych unit.

Check out a response to the original video:


Someone responded to the video by suggesting that the individual involved should have a psych consultation immediately with a 72-hour hold after.

The nurse noted in a separate video that the man has been discharged and was telling her he needs to move house soon because of the gang that was after him. After this, the nurse said, ‘As a medical professional, I feel a lot of sympathy for this man, but I also have a morbid sense of humour and had to share.’

Some were confused by the logic behind the tracker making its way to the man’s testicle. After all, if he made a call to the emergency services, he would have likely used a phone that has a GPS tracking ability.

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