Gross Phlegm Challenge Dribbles Its Way Across Social Media

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Gross Phlegm Challenge Dribbles Its Way Across Social Media@jordonshaw0/TikTok

I think we’ve all become wary of the dangers of spit and sneezing in the past year, but that hasn’t been enough to stop some social media users from attempting a stomach-turning, phlegm-related challenge. 

In the wake of this challenge I feel it’s important to say that you should keep your spit to yourself while out in public, and although this video technically doesn’t defy that statement, it really pushes the boundaries.

Posted by TikTok user Jordon Shaw, the video shows him leaning over his iPhone while out in what appears to be a bar, with a drink on the table beside him. Though both of his hands are free, Jordon can be seen using his spit – yes, his spit – to unlock his phone.

Check it out below – if you’re willing to feel a bit nauseous afterwards:


I will admit that Jordon’s control over his saliva is quite impressive, but that in no way takes away from how gross it is. By lowering his drool up and down from his mouth, he is able to accurately enter the pin code to his phone and successfully unlock it.

With the amount technology has advanced in recent years, and with both finger and face ID readily available on most of the latest devices, opting to unlock your phone with a precise line of drool almost certainly isn’t the easiest way to do it.

Still, Jordon challenged others to see if they’d be able to recreate the scene, writing on TikTok, ‘Come back when you’ve got skill like this.’

TikToker uses spit to unlock phone (@jordonshaw0/TikTok)@jordonshaw0/TikTok

The video caught the attention of thousands of viewers, many of who admitted to giving it a go.

One person wrote, ‘Who else tried it straight away but didn’t work,’ while another commented, ‘I can do that.’

Jordon soon realised the flaw of his challenge as he noted that he’d clearly put his password on display for all to see, but hopefully he quickly learned from his mistake and created a new one – preferably using his hands this time rather than his spit.

As it’s clear some people have already thrown themselves in to the challenge, I’d like to advise that no one ever touches anyone else’s phone ever again, just to be safe.

Featured Image Credit: @jordonshaw0/TikTok

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  1. @jordonshaw0/TikTok

    Come back when you’ve got skill like this

Emily Brown
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