Gordon Ramsay Brands Christmas Turkey A ‘Turd’ In Hilarious Video

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Gordon Slates TikToker's Turkey Preparation - @gordonramsayofficial/TikTok@gordonramsayofficial/TikTok

Gordon Ramsay has called out a fellow TikToker’s Christmas turkey as looking like a ‘turd’ in a savage duet with the other user. 

If you wanted to be put off turkey for life and have your Christmas dinner ruined, then this video does just that in a matter of seconds.

Ramsay is quite right in being so savage about the sorry state of this bird, who ends up left almost indistinguishable even when sewn despairingly back together.


Ramsay may be used to kitchen nightmares, but he was left well and truly grossed out by the ‘C-section’ that this TikToker decided to perform on his poor turkey.

Telling @kendrick_bbq that he had ‘lost the plot’, Ramsay joked that the bird ‘looks a mess’ and that he had seen better surgery performance in ‘Beverly Hills just off Rodeo drive, half the price’.

Looking like me when I try and pull my too-tight jeans over my thighs after having consumed one too many mince pies at Christmas, Kendrick could barely squeeze in all of whatever kind of stuffing he had shoved inside the turkey.

The TikToker even self-reflected by the end of the video that he had made the animal look ‘like Frankenstein’ with his haphazard attempt to stitch it back up.

Ramsay Slates TikToker Over Turkey - @gordonramsayofficial/ @kendrick_bbq/ TikTok @gordonramsayofficial/ @kendrick_bbq/ TikTok

The post has since amassed more than three million hits, 100,000 likes and 1,000 comments, with users left in stitches over Ramsay’s brutal reaction. One said, ‘That isn’t a C-section, it’s a closure from an autopsy.’

Another wrote: 

‘Kid you lost the plot’ I’m wheezing.

A third commented, ‘Lost the plot is the new lamb sauce.’

Even Kendrick himself took to the comments to respond to Ramsay’s rage. He admitted, ‘Yup, totally deserve this roast. I bit off more than I can chew with this one.’

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    #duet with kendrick.bbq I’ve seen a turducken before but that looks like a turd-ucken…seriously ?!? #ramsayreacts #tiktokcooks

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    Turducken aka Frankenstein #kendrickbbq #bbq #frankenstein #turducken #amateur #ramsayreacts #sewing @traegergrillsofficial @gordonramsayofficial

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