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Ghost Hunter Spots Disappearing Creepy Kid While Exploring Ruined Building

Saman Javed

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Ghost Hunter Spots Disappearing Creepy Kid While Exploring Ruined BuildingShitassz/Reddit

An avid ghost hunter has spotted the creepy silhouette of a child while exploring a ruined building.

Hasan Bar Bar, a YouTuber from Jordan, regularly explores abandoned buildings in the hope of spotting ghosts or other spiritual beings.


In a video posted to his YouTube channel in March, he is exploring a seemingly empty building when he spots a ghostly figure on the other side.

It is not clear what kind of building he is seen, but it appears to be unfinished and abandoned, with bare walls and floors and rubbish littered around.

Standing on one side, his camera captures the building through several other rooms. At the other end, what looks like the ghostly figure of a small child appears close to the left of a doorway.


It stands still, just long enough to give the viewer goosebumps, before disappearing out of sight to the left of the doorway. Hasan quickly follows, attempting to capture the figure again, but to no avail.

Since the video was first posted on YouTube on March 21, it has been reshared on other social media platforms like Reddit.

While the footage has left some users terrified, others accused the YouTuber of editing the footage and making up the presence of the ghost. However, as some people in the comments pointed out, Hasan livestreams all of his haunted expeditions.


‘Crazy video. You can hear the fear in his voice. He’s doing all this stuff live. It’s so annoying to hear people call it fake who have obviously never experienced this stuff,’ one person said.

‘It’s not fake, you can go on the guy’s Youtube and Snapchat where he goes into abandoned building and gets stuff thrown at him, doors banging live with strings or mechanisms attached and very good quality sightings of jinns [ghosts]. He’ll get something thrown at him and runs into the room to see there is no one [sic],’ another follower said.

Some supposed that Hasan could have had help from a child, who he asked to pose as a ghost.

‘You just have the kid continue to hug the wall and move around to the left until he is behind the camera. He then exits the room, through the door, behind the camera and ducks into another room, or outside. If you watch how the camera tracks, you can see it would be easy to do. Easier still if you did a couple of practice runs before you start your broadcast,’ one person said.


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Saman Javed

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