Flight Attendant Reveals The Unexpected Best Seat To Buy On A Plane


Flight Attendant Reveals The Unexpected Best Seat To Buy On A Plane@jeenie.weenie/TikTok/Alamy

Your seat number on a long haul flight has the power to make or break the experience for you, so a flight attendant has revealed her calculations to get the best seat on the plane. 

There’s a common conception that it’s all about leg room when it comes to flying, with complaints centering on having your knees squashed into the back of the person in front of you and carry-on bags sitting comfortably where your feet should be.


For this reason you might think getting an emergency exit seat is the equivalent of hitting the jackpot while on board, as you’re able to stretch your legs that little bit further in an attempt to find something resembling a comfortable position.

However, flight attendant and TikToker Sandra Jeenie Kwon has pointed out there are a lot more factors to take into consideration when it comes to booking a seat, so she revealed the things to look out for when it’s time to make your selection.

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The airline worker quickly eliminated the middle seats for the obvious reason that you don’t want to be squashed between two people if you can avoid it, before striking out the back seats because they don’t offer the opportunity to recline, and the window seats as you have to ask people to move if you want to get out.

Also on the chopping block were the aforementioned emergency exit seats, with Sandra revealing that although they might offer extra leg room, there’s nowhere to store your bag and you have to make do with ‘flimsy TVs and tables’.

Using her knowledge as a flight attendant, Sandra then revealed that the front seats of the plane are always filled first due to weight distribution, meaning you’re more likely to be seated next to an empty seat if you opt for a row further back.

Flight attendant shows best seats (@jeenie.weenie/TikTok)@jeenie.weenie/TikTok

Don’t go too far, though, because then you might be at risk of being seated near the toilets which ‘stink like sh*t’. After taking into account a ‘five row buffer’ to avoid smells wafting from the bathroom, Sandra noted you’re more likely to get your meal of choice if you’re closer to the front.

After taking all of this into account, Sandra concluded the best seats are those on the aisle towards the front end of the back section of the plane, approximately five rows away from the toilet.

Of course, while this is all well and good, the opportunity to choose your seat on a budget airline often comes with a hefty price tag. In that situation, you simply have to ask the question: is it worth it?

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Sandra Jeenie Kwon/TikTok
  1. Sandra Jeenie Kwon/TikTok


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