‘Flat Earther’ Says Their Uncle Sailed Off The Edge Of The Earth And Nobody Can Tell If They’re Joking

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'Flat Earther' Says Their Uncle Sailed Off The Edge Of The Earth And Nobody Can Tell If They're Joking@brofessorMegan/TikTok

A ‘flat Earther’ went viral for their story about their uncle falling off the edge of the sea. The question is: are they joking?

‘Be curious, not judgemental,’ Walt Whitman once said. Alas, when it comes to people who honestly believe the Earth is flat, it’s hard to think of anything but ridicule. It’s a fact that the planet is spherical, ergo round, and you can’t just fall off the side like Captain Jack Sparrow.


In a recent video from Brofessor Megan (@brofessorMegan), she speaks to a pair of ‘flat Earthers’, with one telling an absolutely wild story about their uncle. People still aren’t sure whether it’s all a big ruse.

The brofessor asks if they’re running with flat Earth theory, sparking one of them to tell a nightmarish, sea-faring story. They explain they’re from Maine and apparently they’re a lobster fisherman.


‘So my uncle one time… he got in his boat, and he went way f*cking past the three-mile line, all the way out towards Canada. I swear to f*cking god, we never saw that motherf*cker again. He went all the way past towards Canada, and I believe personally that he sailed off the edge of the Earth,’ they say.

The TikToker then says the Earth is shaped like a ‘trapezoidal prism, mountain ranges are the different edges… that could have explained why he fell off.’


‘Well there’s always the Mariana trench, and you know that it splits the Earth clean in half, right, and so if you fall off the edge of the Earth you just go straight in,’ they reply, at which point the interviewer loses interest.

The person in the video is Davy Friedell, a non-binary 20-year-old from Maine. On their TikTok and Instagram accounts, it definitely appears like they were pretending to be flat Earthers, but it’s never explicitly said in any of the subsequent TikTok duets or screenshots of news articles coming after their story.


In their latest videos, they say they aren’t sure what to do with their platform, other than a few comedic ideas – certainly hinting towards it being fake. However, they’ve also seemed to maintain they’re a fisherman, even sharing an earlier photo out on the water.

Brofessor Megan seems to have realised the pair were likely kidding, saying she ‘loves them’ and sharing Davy’s TikTok profile. ‘The goal is to be as good at improving as they are,’ one user wrote, to which the creator replied: ‘For sure.’

At least we know one thing: the Earth is not flat.

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