Drunk Tourist Gets Lost On Horse In Mexican Jungle, Doesn’t Know How She Got There

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Drunk Tourist Gets Lost On Horse In Mexican Jungle, Doesn't Know How She Got There@lizzyfromtheblock99/TikTok

An American woman has gone viral on TikTok after she wound up lost while drunkenly riding a horse in Mexico.

Liz Hicks appeared frightened when she turned to the video sharing app, as she told her followers she was ‘currently in the jungle in Mexico somewhere’.


The TikToker revealed she had no idea where she was going and didn’t speak Spanish, so couldn’t ask any of the locals for help.

You can check it out here:


‘Hi TikTok, I’m currently in the jungle in Mexico somewhere,’ she said in the video.

‘I don’t speak Spanish and I’m on a horse and I got drunk and I don’t know how I got here and no one around me speaks my language so they don’t know what I’m saying.’

Liz added, ‘I don’t know where I’m going, I just know I’m on a horse.’

The 21-year-old appeared to be following a horse with two young children on it, however Liz said they didn’t speak English, so she had no idea what they were saying.


In a second clip, the holidaymaker appeared much calmer as she explained that she had got separated from the rest of her group, so she was just going wherever the horse decided to take her.

The clip, which looks like it could be a scene taken straight out of The Hangover, was filmed near Yelapa, which is a beach town in Cabo Corrientes, in the Mexican state of Jalisco.


Fortunately, what could have been an incredibly dangerous situation turned out to be fine, as Liz ended up back at her hotel ‘alive and well’.

She took to TikTok the next day to explain that she was fine and the ‘clear a few things up’.

‘I’m alive and well, I’m back at my hotel. The issue with the horse was, I was lost but the horse wasn’t lost… the horse knew where it was going, apparently, because it took me to this waterfall,’ she said.

@lizzyfromtheblock99hi all I never expected my video to go viral, it was just for my friends to laugh at but I really appreciate everyone’s concern! All is good ily :)♬ original sound – Liz

‘I just got separated from my group because my horse kept running faster than everybody else’s horse, and I was in the front.’

Liz explained that her phone had died, which is why she was only explaining the next day that she had made it home safe.

She lived to tell the tale, and got some pretty good TikTok content out of it, too.

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    'I don't know how I got here!' American tourist on vacation in Mexico goes viral by posting a tearful video revealing she was lost on a HORSE in the jungle after 'getting drunk'

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