Devastating Moment 50,000 Litres Of Red Wine Explodes From Winery Tank


Devastating Moment 50,000 Litres Of Red Wine Explodes From Winery TankRadio Albacete

Wine aficionados please look away now.

It’s never pretty seeing food or drink go to waste, so witnessing 50,000 litres of red wine gushing out onto the floor will be a distressing sight for many.


At a winery in Villamalea, Spain, the incredible moment their tanks leaked out their crimson product was captured on video and, naturally, went viral as it showed tens of thousands of litres of the good stuff flow onto the ground.

Check it out:


Thanks to a leaky tank, the irreversible catastrophe occurred while all people in attendance could do was watch in horror or, if they had a phone handy, record it for internet prosperity.


But this isn’t the first major loss of alcohol to be recorded. In 2018, a massive vat of Prosecco burst open, erupting into a fizzy foundation of devastation.

And you only need to go back to January of this year to find the last big spillage, this time in the United States, where almost 100,000 gallons of cabernet sauvignon was lost as it spilled into the Russian River, California. A tanker from a Sonoma County vineyard leaked, with some 97,000 gallons thought to have gone directly into the river itself.

In summary, you may think gallons of alcohol flowing your way is the stuff of dreams, but in reality it’s a full-on nightmare for the businesses affected, as well as the local and natural environment it flows onto.


And maybe it’s time to reinforce the tanks that store them?

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