Delivery Driver Puts Photos Of Children On Motorbike To Remind Him Who He’s Doing It For


Delivery Driver Puts Photos Of Children On Motorbike To Remind Him Who He's Doing It ForBart Salleh/Facebook

A delivery driver in Singapore has won the hearts of the internet after putting pictures of his children on his motorbike.

Bart Salleh, who posted pictures of the motorbike on Facebook, spotted the driver while out last month.


‘When I looked at his helmet, I was wondering why he did that to his daily wear… then I realised. Damn bro keep going man! Be safe out here,’ Salleh wrote.

Bart Salleh/FacebookBart Salleh/Facebook

As the pictures show, the shield of the driver’s motorbike has pictures of children, carefully placed within view of the delivery driver at all times to keep him motivated, and remind him why he does the job.

Adorably, he is also seen wearing a helmet covered in stickers, one of which reads: ‘Dad is for life.’


The pictures have received more than 28,000 likes and have been shared by more than 22,000 people.

‘All those pictures and that helmet may be his main reason and motivation to provide the best for his family. He is an example of a loving dad,’ one person said.

Bart Salleh/FacebookBart Salleh/Facebook

‘Daddy of the year nominee,’ another person wrote. ‘What a lovely and wonderful dad, God bless you bro, be safe and well,’ a third person said.


Other people in the comments section shared similar experiences, such as keeping photographs or reminders of their loved ones with them at work.

One woman said her husband hangs her child’s first shoe in his car.

‘He says this is to remind him whenever he’s driving, drive safe, be home safe. Now she’s 15 years old now, the shoe [is] still hanging in the car,’ the woman said.

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Bart Sallah/Facebook
  1. Bart Sallah/Facebook


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