Death-Defying Rooftop Stunt Has People Freaking Out

Daniel Richardson


Death-Defying Rooftop Stunt Has People Freaking OutLADbible/Instagram

Ben Cante is a French artist, based in Paris, whose rooftop stunts are terrifying those prone to vertigo and those anxious about heights.

The rooftops of Paris may be scenic, but few would want to jump between the buildings of the city. Nonetheless, Cante has done everything from risky jumps to playing games on top of them in a series of videos that aren’t for the faint of heart.

A widely circulated video has now shown his demonstration of a Charlie Chaplin-esque piece of slapstick. The only difference is that Ben is doing it while risking a fall to his death.

Of course, it should be said Cante is a professional, and these stunts shouldn’t be attempted by amateurs. Check out the scary video:


The multiple different takes on a variety of areas on a roof have freaked people out and led to 50,000 people following Cante’s Instagram account.

In response to the slapstick styled tricks, people have shared their horror. One commenter wrote, ‘I did not enjoy this video.’ Similarly, someone added, ‘Thanks I hate it, it’s making my anxiety go through the roof’, while another joked, ‘Anxiety has entered the chat.’

Others were concerned about the logistics of the tricks, and noted, ‘I wanna know how he gets back up.’ There were also worries about what would happen if something went wrong ‘his first mistake will be the last’.

Despite the concerns of viewers, Cante is seemingly creating a loyal following for his high altitude tricks.

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Daniel Richardson
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