Bull Goes On Rampage After ‘Escaping Slaughterhouse’


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Footage has emerged showing the moment a distressed bull went on a rampage and injured numerous people after ‘escaping from a slaughterhouse’.

The animal had reportedly fled from a facility near Tierras Altas, Buenos Aires, when it charged through the streets, ramming into one woman and knocking her unconscious.


The incident happened on Saturday afternoon (July 27), with nobody able to stop the disorientated bull as it charged at anyone who got in its way.

You can watch the footage below:

The video shows the bull ramming into one man head on as he attempts to shield himself from the animal, before he eventually manages to run flee its path.


The bull then runs down the street and onto the pavement, where it rams into a woman wearing a red top and knocks her to the ground as people look on in horror.

As reported by local newspaper Crónica, the 43-year-old woman was taken to hospital after being knocked unconscious and was left with cuts and bruises after the bull attacked her.

The woman, named Claudia Tarrida, explained how she had been fetching some meat being cooked on an outside barbecue for a customer when the 500kg animal surprised her and knocked her to the ground.


She can be seen attempting to walk slowly away from the bull in the video before it rammed into her, but was unable to escape the bull’s attention.

Claudia told the newspaper that on top of being knocked unconscious, she was also suffering from ‘great psychological damage’ as a result of the incident.

She told local media, as per MailOnline:

I’m still really scared. I can’t sleep because I keep seeing the animal’s face. When I came to I felt like my head was about to explode. God must have been looking out for me.


A man called Jorge was eating in the restaurant with his son and witnessed the attack on Claudia. He described it as a ‘miracle’ she had survived, adding: ‘I hope she recovers quickly but I know she’s been fitted with a neck brace and is bed-bound at the moment’.

Because of her injuries, Claudia was admitted to the Dr. Federico Abete Municipal Trauma and Emergency Hospital, where she remained under observation until she was discharged shortly afterwards. The bull had reportedly escaped from a slaughterhouse in Los Polvorines that afternoon and travelled approximately five kilometres to the Tierras Altas region, until reaching its final destination.

Our thoughts are with Claudia and we hope she makes a full recovery.

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