Biker Saves Kitten Stranded In Middle Of Road Despite Allergies

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Biker saves kitten from roadViralHog/YouTube

A biker has gone viral for their heroic response after discovering a stranded kitten in the middle of a busy road.

The motorcyclist was filming from their headcam while riding near Mons, Belgium, when they spotted the tiny fur-ball curled up in the middle of the highway.

Swerving to avoid the kitten, the biker immediately pulled over to the side of the road and ran back to rescue it, exclaiming ‘no no no! why is there a cat in the road!’


The biker wasn’t the only person who noticed the lost kitten, with another driver also pulling over to help stop oncoming traffic.

After picking up the clearly frightened cat and taking it to the side of the road, the biker revealed that they were allergic to cats and so couldn’t take it with them, and handed it off to the other driver to take it back to safety. But even despite their allergies, they couldn’t help giving kitten one last pet before sending it on its way.

The biker’s quick thinking has won praise on social media, with one person commenting ‘that clip gives me faith in humanity.’ Another wrote ‘he looked so terrified. 😿 Thank you so much for saving this lil guy. 🙏😊😻’

But it was one Redditor in particular who summed up the internet’s feelings towards the biker hero, writing ‘society would be much better if we hired French guys on motorcycles to just drive around… speed by, stop and come running up and say soothing words to people having a bad day.’

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Hannah Smith
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