Americans Mock British ‘Heatwave’ After Realising What Temperature It Is


Americans Mock British 'Heatwave' After Realising What Temperature It IsPA Images/Pexels

Americans have been mocking the heatwave in Britain after realising what the temperature in the UK really is.

The heatwave in the UK has seen temperatures rise above 30°C, and so far 11 people have died in the hot weather. Nonetheless, people in the United States have remarked the temperatures are nothing compared to what the US experiences, and are mocking their complaints.


A TikTok creator found that the temperature of the UK listed in a headline, 31.6°C, equated to 88.88°F. This led to many people criticising the British in the comment section and making some cruel remarks.

Another TikTok user stitched the original, now-deleted video, to provide some context:

@imeyrick#stitch with @rae_harmon leave us alone we’re hot 🥵

♬ original sound – iMeyrick


TikTok content creator @imeyrick explained how the UK has very little air-conditioning so the impact of rising temperatures is felt more, he also added that British buildings are ‘typically’ well insulated for the cold winters.

Finally, the TikToker noted that people get used to the temperatures they live in, and sharp spikes in temperature will shock people who are not used to it.

The sentiment about the UK’s weather actually being a struggle was surprisingly supported by many people around the world on Reddit.

heatwave UK (PA Images)PA Images

One person wrote, ‘My Algerian mate at work says 28 degrees is a cool pleasant day in an Algerian summer but hell on earth in London.’

Another added:

I’ve lived in Australia and the UK and I tell you, 28 degrees in Aus and 28 in the UK feel vastly different. 28 in Aus is enjoyable, it’s never too muggy, there’s usually a light breeze rolling in off the coast (I lived in Sydney) and it’s just lovely. 28 in the UK is usually stifling, since moving back to the UK I’ve always said you have to add 3-5 degrees to the UK temp to get the equivalent feeling in Aus.

Someone also wisely suggested that when comparisons are made in the future people should look at the ‘heat index’, which is ‘essentially how hot it ‘feels’ with the humidity etc. And dry heat and wet heat and very different’, they added.


With this point in mind, the Brits seem to have the blessing of most nations for complaining about the weather, just not some in the US.

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    Americans Mock British Heatwave Realizing Only 88f

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