40,000 People Now Want To Storm Bermuda Triangle Because ‘It Can’t Swallow All Of Us’

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40,000 People Now Want To Storm Bermuda Triangle Because 'It Can't Swallow All Of Us'Anthony Dominick Carnovale/Facebook/Allen Rizzo‎/Facebook

There’s a trend emerging here…

Pick a widely-known conspiracy theory, start a really popular Facebook group and create hilarious memes about an absurd, and potentially dangerous mission to the unknown. Voila! Internet fame. And, let’s face it, we’ve been enjoying every minute.


After millions of people pledged to ‘storm’ the highly classified US Air Facility, Area 51, to finally ‘see them aliens’, others are ‘organising’ a bonkers one-way mission to the Bermuda Triangle.

As one person eagerly suggested on Facebook, ‘if we don’t find the aliens at Area 51 they’re bound to be in The Bermuda Triangle’.

The Bermuda Triangle is, of course, that curious section of the North Atlantic Ocean where ships, planes, and people are said to go missing without a trace. It has taken more than 1,000 lives over the past century and no one really knows why.


Yep, this could be the mother of all bad ideas.

And yet, the ‘Storm Bermuda Triangle, It Can’t Swallow All of Us’ Facebook page is currently enticing thousands of supporters. All are helping to ‘strategise’ how to find ‘the lost pilots and the hidden islands in the mysterious triangle’ and ‘clap sea monster cheeks’.

If they do ‘clap sea monster cheeks’ we really hope they don’t live stream it like the Area 51 storm.

Bermuda TriangleWikimedia Commons

Those who ‘survive’ the outrageous Area 51 alien mission come September 2o will need to don a wetsuit for the very very, very deep dive scheduled for October.

One clever person has an ambitious survival strategy involving the new and, hopefully, much improved Titanic 2.0:

Let’s steal the new Titanic and use that as transportation because THEN we have plenty of room and bonus it’s “UNSINKABLE”

Hmmm… this doesn’t strike faith in all our adventurers.


Others have declined participation because, well, they can’t swim.

‘Question, do I gotta know how to swim to storm Bermuda?’ wrote one concerned person.

Much like the Area 51 alien-mission, people are excited to fraternise with peculiar, other-worldly creatures; from sea monsters, the citizens of Atlantis, SpongeBob, and Aquaman.


The Bermuda Triangle, expectation vs reality.

Posted by Joel Cabrera on Sunday, July 14, 2019

Sure, it’s all getting a bit weird. But, we’re relishing in possibly the most bizarre viral trend to surface this year. And who knows which modern-day mystery our keyboard warriors will tackle after the Bermuda Triangle.

Was the Moon landing fake? Is the Earth really flat? We’ll soon find out.

2019, the year no conspiracy theory is left unearthed.

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    Storm Bermuda Triangle, It Can't Swallow All of US

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