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Why The AirPods Pro Are The Perfect Headphones For iPhone Users

Matt Weston

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When Apple announced the AirPods Pro in late 2019, it was absolutely huge news for iPhone users. To this day, they are by far one of the best pairs of headphones you can buy on the market.

These are the higher-end version of the AirPods that come with a unique design, better sound, a bigger price tag and for the first time ever, noise-cancellation technology. This is a big deal for iPhone fans as it really helps to make the music and podcasts you’re listening to a lot more immersive.


But is it worth upgrading to the AirPods Pro, or even buying them if you are an Android user?


One of the biggest reasons why people have loved the AirPods since their first release in December 2016 is because of the way that it looks.


Walking down the street wearing these headphones is as just as much of a status symbol rather than a device preference. Not only do they look slick and minimalistic, but they also told everyone that you had the cash to spend on a brand-new iPhone.

While these new AirPods Pro happen to feature the same general design language as the original AirPods, there are some notable differences.

A problem for some Apple users was the fact that the AirPods fell out of their ears regularly. Thanks to the introduction of flexible silicone tips, the headphones now fit in your ears better than ever before. When the devices were first announced, Apple said that these tips were designed to conform to the contours of each individual ear. They come in three different sizes, making for more of an immersive feel for the AirPods.

Unsurprisingly, these headphones are actually slightly bigger than the original AirPods and come in a bigger wireless charging case.


Sound Quality

The AirPods Pro sound much better than the original AirPods partly thanks to its noise cancellation blocking out more sound from the external world.

These even have a built-in Transparency mode, which means that users have the option to listen to music with Active Noise Cancellation turned on, while still hearing the ambient environment around them. This is a really intelligent feature which means you can still hear for cars if you’re walking near a bust road.

Users will be pleased to know that the AirPods Pro has a lot more bass compared to the original AirPods. This was a problem that was annoying some early users of the Apple 1st-gen devices.


Because of the Pros’ noise-isolating design and noise-reduction capabilities, phone calls sound a lot clearer to understand than ever before. A reminder that the AirPods Pro are not just a great option for music.


Other Great Features

Not only do the AirPods sound great, but they also have a great battery life. When noise-cancellation is disabled, the Pro model lasts for around five hours of battery. With noise-cancelling is active, that goes down to around four-and-a-half hours.


But the really impressive thing about the battery is the fact that its Wireless Charging case enables users to have 24 hours of listening time and over 18 hours of talking time. Just five minutes of charging in the case will give a user an additional hour of listening time.

This adds on to how portable the devices are, as well as being wireless and coming in a small wireless charging box. It’s fair to say that the build quality and portability is what has made the AirPods such a popular choice among Apple users over the years. The AirPods just expands on this further.


Even if you don’t own an Apple device, the AirPods Pro are a great purchase due to its portability and comfort. Sure, the connection to Apple devices isn’t as fast, but there are still many reasons for buying a set of AirPods. If you fancy a pair, it’s definitely worth getting the most up-to-date and best set.

If you already own a pair of AirPods and are thinking of upgrading, the Pro’s are one of the best pairs of headphones you can buy. Active noise-cancellation really helps make a big improvement to the sound quality of these devices. And you fancy a comfier ser of headphones, you can’t go wrong with the silicone tips.

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Matt Weston
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