Toyota Building Battery That Will Do 500km On One Charge


Toyota Building Battery That Will Do 500km On One ChargePA

Toyota seems to be developing a game-changing electric car battery that will boast impressive specs while avoiding the pitfalls of many existing vehicles.

On top of that, the solid-state battery is on course for a 2021 release.


Many are unconvinced by electric vehicles because of charging times, battery life and, at times, the risks they present. However, it seems that Toyota has come up with a solution to most of the criticism that is thrown at electric vehicles. Solid-state batteries are anticipated to become a more viable alternative to lithium-ion batteries, and this is the technology that Toyota is leveraging.

By using batteries that do not rely on aqueous electrolyte solutions, the new vehicle by Toyota will lower the risk of fires in crashes. Recently, a Tesla vehicle caused two house fires after a high-speed collision, which raised safety concerns. Toyota appears to be addressing these concerns with the solid-state battery, but many will be most impressed with the charging specifications.

The new battery said to be able to recharge from zero to full in 10 minutes and will allow for 500km of driving between charges. This means that charging time is cut by 66%, while the technology also enables a driving distance that is more than double what lithium batteries can offer. Due to these technological leaps, the vehicles may be a more attractive proposition for drivers.


It is unclear what price point the vehicles that use this technology will be available for, but given the EV market’s current rates it may be out of reach for some time. Nonetheless, with the UK opening its first all-electric forecourt, it seems that widespread emission-free driving could become a possibility in the future.

Electric carPA

There has been plenty of build-up to the completely electric vehicle of Toyota, particularly as the company has made a late shift into the technology. Despite providing a widely popular hybrid, it seems that global pressures from government and businesses have encouraged this move. With these factors at play, many were intrigued by what Toyota would offer the market, and it seems to have surpassed the expectations of many.

It will now be interesting to see whether the vehicles that use the solid-state battery can make a positive impression on the vehicle market and whether electric car naysayers can be swayed. If the vehicles can mirror the success of the Prius, then the electric vehicles will be seen absolutely everywhere.


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