Tesla Summoned To Owner On Autopilot Crashes Into An Aeroplane

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Tesla Summoned To Owner On Autopilot Crashes Into An Aeroplane

A Tesla owner summoned their car via autopilot – and it crashed into a multi-million dollar jet.

Do you remember the good old days when you'd walk to where you parked your car, maybe feel a little forgetful in exactly where you left it, eventually find it, get in and drive away?

Hold on, those weren't the good old days – for anyone not living 10 years ahead of the rest of the world, we'll all be walking to our cars for a while to come. However, it appears there's at least one reason why 'summoning' your car isn't a good idea.


Check out the crash in the clip below:


In footage shared to Twitter by @phylan, coming from a Reddit post by u/smiteme, the Tesla can be seen slowly moving towards a rather dashing Cirrus Vision Jet – like the kind you'd spawn or steal in Grand Theft Auto – with no intention of stopping.

Quite literally a car crash in slow motion, it inevitably hits the jet and swivels it, likely denting it in some way before folks run over to see what's happened.


The user wrote alongside the clip: "Lol someone tried to summon their Tesla via autopilot at an aviation trade show and it crashed into a $3 million jet."

The footage itself has been viewed nearly three million times on Twitter, as well as attracting thousands of responses.

One user wrote: "In before the rush of Tesla guys claiming actually a button that just makes your car start going in a random direction with no one driving it is good, it's the consumer who is wrong."


Another wrote: "Four acres of empty tarmac around it and the Tesla goes straight for the plane like it's trying to stop the bad guys taking off in an action movie."

In defence of Tesla, one tweeted: "Tesla clearly states that to use smart summon you must have a direct line of sight and you have to hold down the button the entire time. This is a clear misuse of the feature as it stands right now."

Over on Reddit, one user commented: "Congratulations to the Tesla owner for now being in the idiot club."

Another wrote: "Imagine the panic flowing through you when the car hit the plane, I think in the same situation I would lock up myself and keep the button pressed. I probably would not have tried to summon the car across an airfield though."


UNILAD has contacted Tesla for comment.

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Featured Image Credit: u/smiteme/Reddit

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