Sony Explains Why The PS5 Has No Web Browser and 1440p support


Sony Explains Why The PS5 Has No Web Browser and 1440p supportSony

New consoles bring exciting updates and new features, but some have been disappointed by what has been left behind this generation. Sony has now started explaining why things have been omitted from the PlayStation 5.

The PS5 is undoubtedly the most anticipated console of the year, and inside the huge console there is the promise of impressive technology. However, one feature that will not appear in the new console is a web browsing function, which was included on the PlayStation 3 and PS4. There will also be a need to scale up to 1440p from 1080p, as well as a lack of VR support. Sony’s Executive Vice President Masayasu Ito and Senior Vice President Hideaki Nishino have now explained the logic behind these decisions.

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Nishino has claimed that Sony wanted to focus on television support before 1440p screens, but has not ruled out supporting the monitor type natively in the future.

In terms of the web browser, it seems that the console has left out the feature without too much of an explanation. However, it is worth noting that the feature is not quick or aesthetically pleasing. For many, reaching into a pocket for a smartphone or sitting up to get a laptop is preferred to the current feature, and this may be why it no longer being supported.


Perhaps the most surprising lack of focus has been in the VR capabilities. Users will need to go through an application process for a free VR adapter, and games will only be playable through the backwards compatibility function. Neither of Sony’s representatives commented on the future of the technology while noting its backward compatibility support. With this in mind, the console may be shifting its focus away from the technology, despite the success of recent VR games such as Half-Life: Alyx.

While some will be disappointed at the elements that do not currently feature in the new console, it seems that Sony is open to readdressing the features if demand is significant enough. Nonetheless, it will be interesting to see if VR manages to maintain an audience given the direction of the new console.

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