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People issue warning after using AI app to create professional headshots

People issue warning after using AI app to create professional headshots

The app has been gaining popularity but also attracting some controversy

AI seems to be all the rage these days.

Many have used the technology to transform themselves into anime characters and superheroes, but some have opted for a more 'professional' route.

A photo app called Remini allows users to transform casual photos into professional looking headshots.

Remini was launched in 2019 by Milan-based tech company Bending Spoons and it has quickly dominated the internet.

On TikTok, the Remini hashtag has gained over 1.4 billion cumulative views.

One TikTok user, who goes by the username @Gracesplace, put the app to good use and left viewers stunned with the outcome.

She even received a comment from another user who said the app's output had her 'crying in photographer'.

In the video, Grace can be seen submitting a photo of herself smiling in her car.

Once run through the app, she receives several photos which showcase her looking professional, decked out in a blazer with her hair done up and make-up applied.

Grace also showed her followers how she used the app.

The photo Grace used in the app.

First, users select their gender and are asked to upload up to ten images of themselves.

Then, users choose a 'model image' which reflects the style and type of photos they're wanting. This includes categories include 'trendy', 'Korean aesthetic', 'travel' and 'curriculum'.

Grace opted for the latter for her professional head shot.

Finally, users are presented with a swiping function, which is not too dissimilar from a dating app, that enables users to narrow down their top picks.

One of Grace's outcomes.

However, not everybody is pleased with their AI outcomes.

Many have complained that the app cuts a lot of weight off them, with one user saying it cost her 80 to 100 pounds while another branded it 'fatphobic'.

One TikToker called their own results 'bad' while another person, who said she was harnessing the app 'to get new headshots as a plus sized girly', was similarly disappointed.

One user tried to use the app to give her LinkedIn a boost but said that she couldn't use the photo as the decreased weight would be 'too noticeable'.

She told Insider: "It would be nice if there was an option to input your body type to get a more accurate photo.

"On the flip side, it's great motivation because now I know what I could look like if I put in the work and lose some weight."

Talk about having a glass half full attitude.

A Remini spokesperson told UNILAD: “We want our user community to have a fun and positive experience using our AI Photos feature, and we know this is the case for the vast majority of our users.

"On some occasions, the body types in AI photos are not an exact representation of the photos users upload.

"Should this occur, we encourage users to try and upload different selfies, or experiment with different reference images from our comprehensive gallery.

"Guided by our internal testing and by the feedback of our users, we are continuing to refine our AI technology to minimize the chances of this occurring."

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