Robot Brickie Set To Build Entire House From Scratch For First Time Ever


robotic brick layerConstruction Automation LTD

A robot has been developed to act as a bricklayer and it can even build a house. Although the machine does have some difficulty with technical tasks.

Construction Automation Ltd has developed a robot that can use a track to build a house from the ground up in just two weeks. The machine has a 30ft lift so it can build tall houses and the computer in the system can understand plans before implementing them. Despite this technological feat, this robot still needs some help from its humanoid friends.


A labourer is required to load the bricks into the machine and a bricklayer is required to assess and monitor the work. This does mean that houses are unlikely to appear overnight, but it is still an incredible achievement for the team at Construction Automation.

Brick laying robot successConstruction Automation LTD

Director of Construction Automation, David Longbottom, explained that the project had been in development for four years before its first house build. The director went on to claim that the machine “improves health and safety and guarantees quality.” Naturally, the team are pleased with this invention and it looks set to have serious implications for the building industry with Longbottom adding “The next thing to do is get a machine to tile a roof.”

Some have wondered whether the robot will begin to impact the livelihood of bricklayers but it seems that this machine is not a threat. While the way it places brick and pumps cement is impressive it can apparently do this in square shapes. Eve Livett of the Association of Brickwork Contractors told The Sun, “Robots will never replace bricklayers. It’s only capable of building a square house.”

Brick laying robotConstruction Automation LTD

It seems that humans and machines can leave harmoniously in the world for now and most can enjoy seeing an impressive technological achievement that has led to the first machine built house. With that said, there will undoubtedly be some who are nervous about future applications of this kind of technology and its impact on the building sector.

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