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Ring introduces a mini drone that will patrol your home while you're not there

Ring introduces a mini drone that will patrol your home while you're not there

Just in case you wondering whether you left the stove on...

Ring has unveiled a flying mini drone that is designed to be at home when you aren't.

The Amazon-owned tech company has already taken the world by storm with its smart doorbells, which allow people to see, hear and speak to whoever is at their door from wherever they are.

FYI, Ring is also permitted to share recordings from its doorbells with the police without the owner's consent if required.

And now the company is set to introduce an entirely new home surveillance system in the shape of a mini drone.

The device, named the Always Home Cam, can fly around and show you different parts of your home from wherever you are.

Although Ring has promised a wide release of the gadget for some time now, it is yet to commit to a date.

The same goes for price, although according to The Verge, it's expected to cost $250 and won't be out for a good while yet.

Founder Jamie Siminoff told the outlet that 2024 is likely to be the earliest it'll be made available, stating: "We are looking forward to – in the next short future – shipping it out to customers at high volume."

One of the issues has been making it affordable for customers, with Siminoff adding: "If it was a $2,000 product, we could put the sensors on it today, and it would be fine."

The idea is for the device to not be in operation when anyone's home.

The reason for the hype surrounding the Always Home Cam is that it made an appearance at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) last week.

Per the product description on the CES website: "Ring Always Home Cam is an indoor-only, autonomously flying camera.

"Customers can select predetermined paths where the lightweight camera can fly, enabling them to use just one camera to check on multiple locations in their home while away.

"Whether it’s checking if a window is open or the stove was left on, customers can always know what’s happening at home with Always Home Cam."

To be fair, it would certainly eliminate those moments at work when you worry you've left the oven on or not shut the back gate.

But after a clip of the innovation was shared on Reddit this week, let's just say the online community had some thoughts.

"Wouldn't multiple cameras be a lot easier than this?" asked one person, to which another replied: "Came to say this.

The Always Home Cam debuted at this year's CES.

"A single wide angle hidden camera will be cheaper, have less blind spots, less potential dangers, waste wayyy less battery, produce less noise, fail less often and cannot be easily spotted and targeted by a single dude with a crowbar.

"Mounting it on a flying bucko is absolutely pointless."

Another said: "What the betting it's tied to Amazon recommendations. 'Your couch is looking a bit s***, here are some you might like...'"

Along those same lines, this person wrote: "Amazon has found a way into every inch of your home.

"Now they can tell you the space between your table and your couch can be filled with some Amazon products that can be overnighted to your home if you just say yes into your Alexa."

Featured Image Credit: Reddit/Amazon/Ring

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