Police Hunting Man Seen Riding In Backseat Of Tesla With No Driver


Police Hunting Man Seen Riding In Backseat Of Tesla With No DriverCHP - Golden Gate Division / Facebook

One man seems to have taken the risk of jumping in the backseat of his Tesla while it was moving.

Autonomous cars are being developed, but the legality surrounding them and the safety measures required mean they are not yet a reality for drivers. Elon Musk’s automobile company, Tesla, is one of the companies that have been at the forefront of driverless car technology.


Currently, a Tesla vehicle can largely drive by itself, but someone is needed in the driver’s seat to enable the function. This is a safety measure that allows the driver to adjust the car in case of an emergency. However, one man seems to have avoided this safety feature and was photographed in the back seat of a moving, self-driving Tesla.

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It is unclear exactly how the man managed to get the car to drive him to his destination while he was in the backseat. However, people reported the odd sight and took pictures. In response, the California Highway Patrol (CHP) is launching an investigation into what happened.

In a post on Facebook, the CHP addressed the situation:


The California Highway Patrol (CHP) has been made aware of an incident involving a man riding in the backseat of a Tesla traveling on Bay Area roadways, with no other person being seated in the driver seat. The CHP received a report of the incident as third-hand information, and it is under investigation.

The CHP also asked people who see such behaviour to report it to them as quickly as possible so they can begin an investigation. The post noted, ‘The sooner the incident is reported, the better the chances of an investigation being completed.’

California Highway Patrol / FacebookCalifornia Highway Patrol/Facebook

While many condemned the actions of the reckless driver, others were confused about what the man involved in the incident could be charged with. One Facebook user wrote, ‘So what is the citation gonna be? Driving without the influence of a human? Seriously, what is the officer going to write him up for and what’s the punishment?’


At the moment, it is unclear what charges could be placed against the back-seat driver, as there aren’t specific laws for this kind of behaviour. These kinds of issues undoubtedly highlight the strides that autonomous vehicles and regulators still need to make to ensure a code of safety.

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