One Billion iPhones Are Being Used In The World

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One Billion iPhones Are Being Used In The WorldPA

iPhones are incredibly popular and a lot of people use Apple devices, but some will be shocked to find just how many of the phones are currently in use.

An analysis posted by Apple expert Neil Cybart claims that a billion iPhones are currently in use. To contextualise that information, that would mean approximately one in 7.6 people have the Apple product across the world. While this may seem like an unthinkable achievement, Cybart has provided the logic behind the information.

In 2016 it was estimated that a billion iPhones had been sold. However, this did not include the figures for mobile devices that would have been thrown away. In a blog post, Cybart explained his conclusion as well as the elements that have made the iPhone products so successful.

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Cybart wrote:

According to my estimate, Apple surpassed the billion iPhone users milestone last month. Thirteen years after going on sale, the iPhone remains the perennial most popular and best-selling smartphone. Competitors continue to either shamelessly copy iPhone or, at a minimum, be heavily influenced by the iPhone. Looking ahead, Apple’s top priorities for the iPhone include finding ways to keep the device at the centre of people’s lives while at the same time recognising the paradigm shift ushered in by wearables.

While Apple has managed to update its products and introduce new items such as the Apple Watch, the journey has not always been smooth. The 29 iterations of the iPhone have not always been a success, in fact, recent years has seen the success of generations vary greatly. This is partly because other companies have deviated from the practices of Apple or introduced new features not found in their products.

The findings by Cybart are undoubtedly insightful. Yet, with the likes of Samsung improving its revenue, it also suggests Apple has competition with a company that is not following the suit of its practices.

Going forward, Cybart noted that the company could continue to reach even more users by increasing the functionality of the phones and focusing on wearables. It will be interesting to see if this is the direction Apple take in the coming years.

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    A Billion iPhone Users

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