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People left in disbelief after seeing Cybertruck's build quality

People left in disbelief after seeing Cybertruck's build quality

It's maybe not what you'd expect for a Tesla vehicle...

With all the hype that's come ahead of the release of the Cybertruck, it's undeniable that people have high expectations.

Tesla founder Elon Musk first debuted the Cybertruck four years ago, and we all remember that extremely awkward moment he boasted of the car's so-called 'shatterproof' windows only for one of them to be smashed during a live demo.

But he somehow managed to bring it back from its rather chaotic first demonstration as it's believed that around two million people have ordered a Cybertruck for themselves.

The first customers are expected to finally get their hands on the car on November 30 and, ahead of its official release, Tesla's chief designer Franz von Holzhausen took his own Cybertruck to a 'Cars & Coffee' gathering.

TikToker @dsgolson took some close-up shots of the car and it's safe to say he and many others were underwhelmed by its build quality.

"Please enjoy these detail shots I took of the Cybertruck that Tesla’s chief designer brought to cars and coffee today," he captioned the series of snaps shared to TikTok.

Tesla's Cheif Designer recently took a Cybertruck to a Cars & Coffee meet up.

The first photo shows an all black Cybertruck parked up - and it genuinely looks like something straight out of a Batman movie.

While impressive from afar, when up close, some people noticed a few snags.

Several photos showed gaps in the car's panelling on different parts of the vehicle, making it look undeniably unfinished.

It's important to point out that this vehicle may not necessarily represent the finished models motorheads will be getting their hands on at the end of the month, but that hasn't stopped people weighing in on the car's quality in the comments.

People were quick to notice the panelling gaps.

"How is it that Tesla can’t even get quality control on something that’s not even in production yet?" questioned one person.

"It makes the Nissan Cube look like a work of art," said another.

A third went on to add: "I really have no idea how their panel gaps are this bad. Like this isn't a mass produced unit."

Someone compared it to a 'college senior design project'.

"Is this a college senior design project?" wrote another.

However, others argued that the imperfections proved that the Cybertruck isn't mass made - which, to them, is a good thing.

"Hey little imperfections means it’s handmade. This is a luxury product guys fr!!" penned one TikToker.

"Personally I love the way it looks," said another person who defended the truck.

I mean, maybe the gaps are supposed to be there.

UNILAD has contacted Tesla for a comment.

Featured Image Credit: dsgolson/TikTok

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