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'Most disturbing website on Internet' can find every single picture that exists of you
Featured Image Credit: fotograzia/d3sign

'Most disturbing website on Internet' can find every single picture that exists of you

It can find everything, even that MySpace picture from 2008

The Internet has been around for over four decades (41 if you're being exact) and in that time it's gathered a myriad of information and that includes pictures. A whole lot of them.

Throw in the new development of AI technology and there's even more to be found, and well some of it is quite scary.

Imagine being able to find every single image of yourself... well ever.

Now we're not talking baby pictures hoarded away at home but any image you've ever posted online can be found, and the results are a bit terrifying.

The website has been dubbed 'the most disturbing AI website on the Internet'.

A website called PimEyes is the platform responsible for the plethora of results when you look for yourself and it's been dubbed 'the most disturbing website on the Internet'.

The basic premise is that you give the site a photo of yourself and it searches the internet and AI to identify any other pictures of you that are on the web, so you can in theory see all the places on the internet where there are images of you.

The basic service is free, and you simply need to upload a snap of yourself and then search. Within a minute or two you'll be faced with pictures of yourself from anywhere they're currently sitting on the Internet like Facebook, LinkedIn and that weird headshot on your work's 'About Us' page.

Yet it's not always 100 percent perfect so you might find the odd 'likeness' thrown in for good measure.

The site uses AI to identify any other pictures of you that are on the web.

If you choose to take your image quest one step further you could pay for the upgraded search which can do a much more in-depth search and also provide links to every single place the pictures appeared; quite useful if you then want to get them taken down.

Equally you can 'opt out' as PimEyes does allow people to remove themselves from appearing in people's searches, but they want a scan of your ID or passport to verify that it's you doing this.

The website is strangely curious and you can't help but want to look for yourself, and it seems you're not alone as lots of others on the Internet feel the same. Whether they like the results or not is a different matter.

Over 40 years of the Internet means there's a whole lot of images to find.

One person said the website was 'disturbing but also extremely valuable' and praised it for 'finding who has used my face without my consent' so they could order websites to take down the pictures.

Yet another branded it as 'a stalker's dream'.

A third then described how she uploaded a recent picture of herself and PimEyes recognized a picture of her on the internet of when she was 10 years old.

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