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iPhone users say new ringtones are so good they even sound like Lil Uzi Vert beats

iPhone users say new ringtones are so good they even sound like Lil Uzi Vert beats

Apple fans are going wild for the new iOS 17 ringtones

After years of the same old ringtones from Apple (here's looking at you, Marimba) - the tech powerhouse has released a string of new catchy tunes.

Upon iOS 17's release on Monday, September 18, iPhone users have taken to social media to share their thoughts on the array of new ringtones that came with the update.

There are several people can chose - from 'Passage' and 'Tease', to 'Rebound' and 'Slide' - and I can't help but feel like they all resemble the names of a Drake song...

They don't sound like a Drake track though; in fact a lot of people have compared the tones to Lil Uzi Vert and Owl City music.

Sharing a teaser of some of the ringtones to X, formerly known as Twitter, one person said: "The new iOS 17 ringtones are so good I don’t even wanna pick up the phone."

Replying to the post, another social media-user wrote: "Uzi beats sounding ah."

"Nah deada*s Mercury sound like some 2016 Uzi," echoed another.

Elsewhere, people saw an uncanny resemblance to Owl City's track 'Fireflies' when it came to another of the ringtones.

The iOS 17 was released on 18 September.
Leon Neal/Getty Images

"Major Owl City vibes," wrote one person, as someone else quipped: "Brought to you by Owl City."

Sharing a screenshoot of the cover art to 'Fireflies', another X user said: "I’m not the only one…right?"

It's funny people have compared the tunes to Owl City as it was once rumoured that the band's electronica artist Adam Young worked with Apple and was behind some of the ringtones for the iOS 7 update.

In 2013, Young added 'sounds for iOS 7' to his discography page. This was later said to be removed, however, leaving it unclear if he was behind the catchy tunes or not.

Owl City's Adam Young was rumoured to be behind the iOS 7 ringtones.
John Lamparski/WireImage

Another update that's come with iOS17 is the that iPhone users will now be pre-warned if someone has sent them a nude photo.

"These new efforts are the latest manifestation of Apple’s deeply held belief that privacy is a fundamental human right and that good privacy is built on a foundation of strong security," a June 5 press release said ahead of its launch.

"Sensitive Content Warning helps adult users avoid seeing unwanted nude images and videos when receiving them in Messages, an AirDrop, a FaceTime video message, and the Phone app when receiving a Contact Poster, all using the same privacy-preserving technology at the core of Communication Safety."

It continued: "The feature is optional and can be turned on by the user in Privacy & Security settings. As with Communication Safety, all image and video processing for Sensitive Content Warning occurs on device, meaning neither Apple nor any third party gets access to the content."

Featured Image Credit: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images/Shareif Ziyadat/Getty Images

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