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Biohacker spending $2m a year to reverse biological age claims he’s beat balding and stopped going gray

Biohacker spending $2m a year to reverse biological age claims he’s beat balding and stopped going gray

Biohacker Bryan Johnson claims he has beat balding thanks to his expensive project.

A biohacker who is spending a staggering $2 million a year to reverse his biological age claims he’s beat balding and stopped going gray.

Bryan Johnson is taking part in a lengthy and intense experimental medical program in the hope of looking a lot younger than he actually is.

Whether it be following a strict diet, or using his son's blood, the biohacker is doing everything he can to make his body as young as possible again.

And speaking in a recent YouTube video, the 46-year-old spoke about how his transformation has allowed him to keep his hair.

"Genetically I should be bald," he said at the outset of the video.

The biohacker then took his followers through the three tactics he uses to keep his locks looking so luscious - a routine that is part of his project to stay young.

“The best time to work on your hair is before you start losing it,” Johnson insisted, before saying that folks in their 20s should be thinking about and implementing precautionary measures before their hair starts to disappear.

Bryan Johnson has gone to absurd lengths to reverse the aging process.

So, the first thing Johnson does every morning is embark on red light therapy, which sees the tech guru wearing a battery-powered red light therapy cap for six minutes.


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Full breakdown of biohacker Bryan Johnson's daily routine

Johnson says this handy device 'increases blood flow and also stimulates hair follicle activity.'

After using his cap, Johnson applies a topical treatment.

"I apply this topical to my scalp on a daily basis," Johnson said in the video. "You’ve probably heard of topicals like Rogaine and Minoxidil 5% – both are effective."

Apparently, using this formula once in the morning and once in the evening can allow aggressive hair growth.

And the third and final tactic involves the process of microneedling, which Johnson does to 'enhance the effects of the topicals'.

This procedure involves a medical professional using a roller with small needles equipped, which is moved over areas of hair loss to create punctures in the skin.

These small injuries caused by the needles are said to help provoke hair growth.

Johnson is additionally trying out laser treatment to help with his anti-ageing treatment and has told fans he will keep them updated with the results.

The treatment is part of Johnson's project.
Bryan Johnson/YouTube

Johnson first noticed those dreaded gray hairs in his 20s - something he contributed to his lifestyle.

“It was kind of a crazy time in my life,’ he recalled.

‘I was building Braintree, Venmo, I had three little babies, I was in a challenging relationship, trying to leave my born into religion … a lot going on. Also, I was really depressed.”

Now, Johnson uses GR7, an anti-hair loss and anti-gray treatment, and Mayraki, a herbal extract that he applies once a week.

And nowadays, Johnson is looking as fresh as ever.

Featured Image Credit: YouTube/Bryan Johnson

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