New Tesla Owner Claims Air Bag On $90,000 Car Fell Off Immediately After He Bought It

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New Tesla Owner Claims Air Bag On $90,000 Car Fell Off Immediately After He Bought It@riccokimbrough/TikTok

A new Tesla owner has criticised the electric carmaker after his air bag allegedly fell off before he even left the company’s car park.

TikToker Ricco Kimbrough regularly shares videos discussing his thoughts on various car makes and models with his 18,000 followers, but earlier this week he dedicated a series of clips solely to his newly-purchased Tesla.

Kimbrough showed the receipt for the car, which stated he paid $89,190 for the Tesla Model S Plaid, but despite it having ‘just come off the truck’, it wasn’t long before the TikToker apparently found a flaw.

Check it out below:


The unfortunate discovery came after the teacher was singing his praises for Elon Musk’s brand, expressing his belief that electric cars are ‘the future’ and that people who drive Teslas are ‘bosses’, ‘engineers’ and ‘smart’, adding: ‘Only dumb people drive gas cars.’

After a number of videos in which Kimbrough made his happiness clear, he shared one in which he pulled the centre of the steering wheel away from its base, explaining: ‘I’m just in my new Tesla and I found a flaw already… my airbag is literally just came out [sic].’

Addressing his concerns to the carmaker, he continued: ‘What is up with this Tesla? This is unacceptable. My airbag just came out. This is some cheap baloney.’

Airbag coming out of Tesla steering wheel (@riccokimbrough/TikTok)@riccokimbrough/TikTok

After making his disappointment clear with some high-pitched wailing, Kimbrough stormed into the Tesla dealership while urging any viewers who plan to purchase a Tesla to ‘look it over thoroughly’.

Though the TikToker didn’t record the conversation he had with the Tesla employee, he later updated his followers to explain that the company was going to ‘take care’ of the issue.

Kimbrough noted that another Tesla model didn’t appear to have the same issue, but reiterated that anyone looking to buy one of the electric vehicles should fully inspect it before taking it home, describing the cars as being like ‘legos’.

TikToker pretending to cry at Tesla flaw (@riccokimbrough/TikTok)@riccokimbrough/TikTok

On its website, Tesla says its vehicles are ‘engineered to be the safest cars in the world’, explaining: ‘We believe the unique combination of passive safety, active safety, and automated driver assistance is crucial for keeping not just Tesla drivers and passengers safe, but all drivers on the road.’

Tesla does not appear to have publicly responded to Kimbrough’s experience at the time of writing, June 25, but his videos have drawn mixed responses from TikTok users, with some questioning the authenticity of his claims while others shared similar allegations regarding the quality of the company’s cars.

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Ricco Kimbrough/TikTok
  1. Ricco Kimbrough/TikTok


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