New Dating App String Only Lets You Talk Via Voice Note


New Dating App String Only Lets You Talk Via Voice NotePexels/String

The thunderdome of online dating has a new app – one that only lets you chat via voice notes. 

Let’s get one thing clear immediately: I absolutely loathe dating apps. I dabbled in a couple of them a few years ago, and each time I clicked one open, I’d eventually close it with a dissatisfied sigh. Hurray for low self-esteem, right?


For others, however, they’ve been the key to some sort of happiness, whether it be just for one night (maybe even a few) or actually finding a life partner. On that note, there’s a new addition to the roster. Introducing String, which wants users to ‘date with your voice’.

The landscape of meeting people has changed; like it or lump it, apps are a simple way to chat to someone new. Also, there’s the small matter of the current pandemic, so not everyone is quite ready to go out and socialise.

String ScreenshotString

This sparked the idea of String, conceived by two graduates who looked to create a new app for dating in 2020. Voice notes are also becoming increasingly popular between pals, families and spouses, so why shouldn’t it work between two people getting to know each other?


Tinashe, one of the founders, told The Tab:

The idea came about as a result of using dating apps and realising it’s pretty difficult to get your whole personality across through text messages.

Texting a friend is easy and feels natural because you already know them and understand their personality, sarcasm and jokes. But doing the same with a stranger you’ve never spoken with is a lot more difficult. So why not do the natural thing and use your voice to communicate? We think voice notes allow people to show their true personality in a much more fun and impactful way.

In theory, it’ll feel like you’re really talking to each other without the urgency of a phone call or FaceTime. You don’t need to worry about how your typing style comes across, whether it’s drastically dry or egregiously laced with emojis.

String Screenshot 3String

There’s also the flip side. Not everyone is comfortable speaking over the phone; the immense pressure of bottling wit, earnestness or just charm into a single voice message is immense. Then there’s the recording; if you’re out with your friends, you can’t just subtly reply to a message, especially if you’re in a loud place.

For the confident talkers, String is bound to be a success. For the socially anxious, consider it a hurdle. Wherever you stand, you can download it here.

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