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On September 21, Apple dropped its latest update of iOS 15, and this man has taken to TikTok to reveal all of its incredible new features. 

Frank McShan shared information about the latest update on his TikTok account, which he uses for ‘tech tips and tricks’, and the multiple features look seriously cool.


Cue everyone rushing for their phone’s settings ASAP or wishing that they’d gone for Apple rather than Android.

Vienna Austria September 20 2021:iPhone 12 with iOS 15 update screen close up, new operating system for iPhone devices - (Tiny Ivan/ Alamy)Alamy

In the video, McShan (@frankmcshan) explains the ‘things you should know once you update’.

He then goes on to show followers how you can now set your microphone to ‘new modes’ on FaceTime so that people can hear more or less of your surroundings. He detailed how there is even a new ‘Portrait Mode’ that will let you blur your background.


McShan can be seen demonstrating where such features are on his own phone, and he goes on to say how you can now also send FaceTime links, and that ‘those on an Android or Windows device can join right from their web browser’.

‘With new focus modes, you can have different home screens for different parts of your day,’ he said.


As well as updates to Apple Maps, McShan can be heard saying that the Weather and Safari apps have also been ‘completely redesigned’.


If that wasn’t good enough already, then the ability to share your screen in FaceTime – known as ‘Share Play’ – is made possible.

In a later video, McShan goes on to reveal further details about ‘Share Play’ and how you will be able to share your screen and play music, videos and movies in sync with everyone else in the call. Addressing ‘tons of questions about Snapchat’, McShan noted that Snapchat will send a notification if you are screensharing while viewing snaps.

Also in iOS15, you can drag and drop images, which McShan notes as being a feature that will ‘blow your minds’.



The first post has since amassed more than 6.7 million views, 919,700 likes and 12,900 comments, with fellow TikTokers having flooded to the video in a hot debate about the latest update. One said, ‘Screen sharing will be SO helpful when my grandma rings me when she can’t find her emails again.’

Another wrote: 

Updated to iOS 15 today and it hasn’t been great. Phone has already completely frozen once. Seems super buggy and needs improvements. On a 10 max btw.

A third commented, ‘Okay but is anyone else’s taking long to update.’


I may be stuck on an iPhone 8 and so extremely late to the party – and perhaps even unable to join – but the new updates to the iOS do look very cool. According to McShan, the best is also yet to come, with the ‘Screen Sharing’ update becoming available later this year.

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