Malfunctioning Dental School Robot Is The Scariest Thing You’ll See Today


Malfunctioning Dental School Robot Is The Scariest Thing You'll See TodayDaniel Holland/Twitter

Going to the dentist can be scary, but a video has now surfaced that shows how frightening training to become a dental expert can be.

Twitter was treated to a scary video of a dental robot seemingly attempting to bite people yesterday, and naturally, theories of artificial intelligence have already begun to circulate. The video shows someone touching the bottom lip of the doll before it begins to swing in every direction with its cold, dead eyes staring blankly into the abyss.


The clip is truly terrifying, but many have been interested in where this doll has come from, and what its true purpose is. Fortunately, it seems that the angry robot is supposed to be used by practising dentists, and it appears to be a Japanese invention.

The robot may be the result of a collaboration between the dental and sex industries. Vice found that in 2011, two universities began developing dental dolls to improve dental practice safely. Showa University required the help of two companies; one was robotics developer Tmusk, and the other was sex doll creator Orient Industry.

Orient Industry was introduced to make the reactive doll look more lifelike, and this involvement almost explains some of the reactions from the internet. A number of commenters seem to be attracted to the dead-eyed chomping machine. However, the robot could also belong to a different team.


Nippon Dental University developed a reactive robot called Simroid, which is even more reactive to prompts than other robots. With that in mind, the doll’s origin still needs to be narrowed down, but it is some comfort to know that the machines aren’t going to rise up against us, and that this is definitely a dentistry training tool.

Daniel Holland/Twitter

It seems that attempts to deliver the best dentistry training tools have led to this video which will haunt many viewers, but it will be comforting to know that the terrifying machine has a purpose.

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